Civil Liberties, Politics, Ninjas & Cream Pies!


Shortly after the Olympics, Vancouver was entertained with a type of event I’ll label ‘Ninja theater’. Two participants of Occupy Vancouver were victims of a vicious cream pie attack by Black Bloc apologists…

The attack was intended for David Eby, the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association. He was accompanied by Chris Shaw, UBC Professor, author of anti-Olympic book Five Ring Circus, and a candidate for today’s election!

Eby & Shaw share at least four commonalities- both were involved in anti-Olympic protests, both are involved in Occupy Vancouver, both have spoke out against the Heart Attack incident, and both have had to brush cream pie off of themselves after a (supposed) Black Bloc retaliation.

I wonder what they have to say about our ninjas? Chris Shaw was the first to speak-out last weekend when I asked a panel of candidates if we should use riot squads to shutdown OV. His answer was quick, and the same as the other candidates- A Resounding No!

Guys, can you throw in a word or two about your opinion on the appearance of Black Bloc at OV a couple weeks ago? Why were they there, and how do we make sure they are gone?

That's how my eyes go too!


14 responses to “Civil Liberties, Politics, Ninjas & Cream Pies!

  1. Update: David Eby has refused to make a statement! Mike P Hager of the #SunVince has agreed to investigate!

  2. Come on, Greg. Black Bloc was there two weeks ago. We cut their balls off in social media and they skittered away. I don’t anticipate any action from them at Occupy Vancouver, and if I’m wrong they are so clearly NOT Occupy Vancouver that they will be marginalized by participants and the police will deal with them as a separate Bloc entirely.

  3. Raincoaster,

    #BlackBloc will be with us until our society has identified a just and equitable situation for all. Despite the name, they are not a German invention- they have been with us since the first time one person took advantage of another!

    It would be crazy to say they can’t be part of this revolution- metaphorically, they are the fucking revolution!

    All I ask is that they realize when they are being manipulated for the purpose of the 1%…


    p.s. Still looking for the right-sized Smurf costume! 😉

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  5. Here’s an old story on some of the background behind the pie…

  6. I hate getting hijacked to your blog. Quality is poor. Perhaps activism is not the sport for you. You are devisive and misguided. Why don’t you listen more than speak!

    • The people who are being divisive (notice I spelled this word correctly) are those who are making the 99% feel unwelcome or unsafe to attend Occupy Vancouver. Anyone who understands our mandate is behind me. Those who are trying to divide us from the 99% are working to discredit the movement…

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