My (Personal) Demands!

Dear Occupy Vancouver,

Below is a list of my personal demands. I expect that each and every one of you adhere to these principles, or you will not be welcome on my side of the sandbox:

1.) Violence, including property destruction, will not be a part of the OV movement, or any OV involved movement. Ever! But, strategic use of system jamming is welcome!

2.) We will not wear ninja outfits, balaclavas or masks on the front of our faces-unless in specific situations where it absolutely necessary. Because, in Canada, masks have a history of enabling the government to embarrass our movements.

3.) That we agree any/all provocative acts should have maximal impact on ‘the system’ and minimal impact on ‘the people’.

With that, the 99% will see we are not a threat, and will grow to love us! I promise!


Greg Renouf


10 responses to “My (Personal) Demands!

  1. nice:) i’m wicha.

  2. Thank you! Let`s build a beautiful sand castle together next time we share a sandbox! One where everyone is respected, and all are equal!

  3. David Beattie

    Good one Greg. I personally would leave the door open to directed property destruction, such as newspaper burning in the great bonfire you suggested 🙂

  4. I am sorry I wont be able to follow you on other websites.

    • Thanks for pointing that out- they’ve shutdown the unmoderated Facebook page! Occupy Vancouver 1.0 is looking like OccupyCensorship more each day…

  5. James: Can you expand on that for me? I’m not sure I understand the meaning of your message…

    • From what I understand, you may not be linking to this page from the OccupyVancouver FB page anymore. That is where I first discovered these blogs.

  6. thanks Greg, I’m in!