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An Interesting Video…

Sarah, didn’t you get the message the press has been screaming at us? Your anger was not endearing. And, personally, I’d hold back on comments like ‘people handed hundred’s to me’ at the VAG…

A Holiday Survival Guide for Occupiers…

I’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays, have been incredibly busy- with the extra burden of moving house- so, apologies for the lack of content here. With the New Year coming I will be once more engaged- and the saga will continue!

Until then, enjoy this video- it gives some good ideas for elevator speeches on the Occupy movement. Great stuff…

One of the most hypnotizing political messages I’ve seen… (All you need is love?)

I Felt Like These Two Guys Way Too Often on the OV Facebook page…

All the random ganging-up, the ridiculous accusations, bullying. Follow the rest of the story at the Georgia Straight…

Oakland’s Black Bloc Speech to Engage the 99%!

“I’m…tired of people telling me what to do!” “I don’t give a shit what America wants- I don’t care, I don’t even care a little bit…”

My Response to Mr Neil of The Council of Canadians

Me on October 15th, speaking about the campaign to take corporate funding out of politics. This initiative was supported by Joyce Murray.

Dear Mr Neil,

Thank you for the quick response. I have always held your organization in great esteem, and have no expectation the Council of Canadians wants to bring Occupy Vancouver to the point of revolution! This is inconceivable to me, as it always has been of course! Your’s is an organization I’d aspire to be part of one day.

However, Leadership from The Council of Canadians have most certainly taken-up residence in our organization- and have considerable influence. Carrying your organization’s name can have a halo effect that makes people overlook what is in front of them. It is a tool that should be wielded cautiously, and with 110% transparency.

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A Response from Garry Neil From The Council of Canadians

This letter is the response to: A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

December 20, 2011

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your December 16 email concerning the Council of Canadians and the Occupy movement. I want to assure you that the Council is not in any way trying to “take over” or co-opt the Occupy movement. We are very supportive of the movement because the concerns of the occupiers are ones we share. But, we believe that among the real strengths of this movement are the fact that it arose spontaneously as an expression of outrage and concern about the many inequalities in our society, and it does not have identified “leaders.”

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