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An Interesting Video…

Sarah, didn’t you get the message the press has been screaming at us? Your anger was not endearing. And, personally, I’d hold back on comments like ‘people handed hundred’s to me’ at the VAG…

A Holiday Survival Guide for Occupiers…

I’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays, have been incredibly busy- with the extra burden of moving house- so, apologies for the lack of content here. With the New Year coming I will be once more engaged- and the saga will continue!

Until then, enjoy this video- it gives some good ideas for elevator speeches on the Occupy movement. Great stuff…

One of the most hypnotizing political messages I’ve seen… (All you need is love?)

I Felt Like These Two Guys Way Too Often on the OV Facebook page…

All the random ganging-up, the ridiculous accusations, bullying. Follow the rest of the story at the Georgia Straight…

Oakland’s Black Bloc Speech to Engage the 99%!

“I’m…tired of people telling me what to do!” “I don’t give a shit what America wants- I don’t care, I don’t even care a little bit…”

My Response to Mr Neil of The Council of Canadians

Me on October 15th, speaking about the campaign to take corporate funding out of politics. This initiative was supported by Joyce Murray.

Dear Mr Neil,

Thank you for the quick response. I have always held your organization in great esteem, and have no expectation the Council of Canadians wants to bring Occupy Vancouver to the point of revolution! This is inconceivable to me, as it always has been of course! Your’s is an organization I’d aspire to be part of one day.

However, Leadership from The Council of Canadians have most certainly taken-up residence in our organization- and have considerable influence. Carrying your organization’s name can have a halo effect that makes people overlook what is in front of them. It is a tool that should be wielded cautiously, and with 110% transparency.

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A Response from Garry Neil From The Council of Canadians

This letter is the response to: A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

December 20, 2011

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your December 16 email concerning the Council of Canadians and the Occupy movement. I want to assure you that the Council is not in any way trying to “take over” or co-opt the Occupy movement. We are very supportive of the movement because the concerns of the occupiers are ones we share. But, we believe that among the real strengths of this movement are the fact that it arose spontaneously as an expression of outrage and concern about the many inequalities in our society, and it does not have identified “leaders.”

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A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

"Maude Barlow addresses an anti-tar sands protest on Parliament Hill."

I was talking with Ruth Meta on December 16th, when she told me that Bob Ages  from the Council of Canadians was going to be taking over mediation of Occupy Vancouver’s moderated Facebook page. We both did some research and felt uncomfortable with the transparency in OV’s relationship.

Ruth wrote the letter below and I decided I would also sent it as my personal request. Here is the content of the letter- my next two postings will include responses.

The response to this letter can be found here:  Letter From  Gary Neil…

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Less Extremist Version of Media Co-Op?

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Is Occupy Vancouver a Pawn to the Unions? (and others)

Watching this video makes me feel cheap, used, and taken advantage of in many ways. Like we may have been a sideshow for a union’s aspiration to get ‘cred’ with their membership. Curiously, this event happened at the same time as a hearing about OV at city hall- most of us were either there, or had our eyes glued to the livestream…

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CoV Provides Just Under $1 million of Overtime Bonuses!

I’ll always remember the first day of Occupy Vancouver, and how impressed I was with the city’s level of preparedness. They grounds were cleaned-up, there were professionally made signs warning people not to use tent pegs, and there was steel fencing installed over a what I think was a stairwell- protecting people from falling into it.

The fencing Gregor may have approved of "just to make someone happy...". Or, for insurance... Notice the man carrying the barrel- the pic was lifted from CTV's website, it appears that CTV threw a #SacredProvocation at us!

I met one of the senior members of the Engineering department that day- the same man who later told me how the city believes Occupy Vancouver was co-opted by a potentially dangerous group of people. I congratulated him for having the foresight to install the fencing- assuming it was to keep us safe. His response was “I’ve been wanting to do that one for a while now!”

One thing I really noticed at OV is how happy and friendly the city staff were with us. I expected them to be unhappy that they were being distracted from their daily grinds- it didn’t make any sense until this evening when I read an article in the Vancouver Sun that discusses a ‘leaked’ memorandum from Penny Ballem and Sadhu Johnston about the CoV’s costs that were related to OV.

VPD: $590,000
Engineering: $345,878
Emergency Management: $28,494
Fire and Rescue Services: $16,730 
Total: $981,102 

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Speaking with one of the people helping me research who came up with a title for my personal occupation: OccupyTruth!

Thank you to those people in Vancouver, Oakland, Ontario, Denver & NYC who have added your efforts to occupying the truth!

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There’s a Name for These People…

Funny, back in the 80’s we hacker kids used this name as an insult. And, now, I keep hearing it spoken like a badge of honor…

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Breaking News! Kevin Stevenson Is Important Enough to be On My Blog!

In a heated Facebook discussion with a concern troll, the person throwing ad-hominem attacks (who will remain unnamed) I told this person “Give it up, you’re not important enough to get space on my blog!”

Kevin Stevenson, who previously was a nobody, sentenced to life not being discussed on my blog, has now been elevated to the esteemed position of “important enough to be mentioned on my blog!”

Kevin joins such local celebrities as Harsha Walia, David Eby, Quatchi, Ruth Meta and Prime Minister Harper. Congratulations Kevin! But, watch out, soon there may be an “OccupyKevin”!

The BlackBloc Are Lying When They Say They Respect Diversity of Tactics!

So, I was invited out to a party tonight by someone who I’ve got to know quite well at Occupy Vancouver- a highly political NDP guy who has also been involved from the beginning. And what do I find but a room full of BlackBloc ninjas, and a number of their supporters! One of the more surprising people attending was Ruth Meta, a former director at DERA! Ruth also said that she had been connected with this group ‘for years’. No wonder she was so against me when I started to turn-up the heat!

The logic in this film is beyond idiocy.  And it features a high-profile member of Vancouver’s Council of Canadians! Can you find him? (54:42 on the clock).

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Vancouver (DTES,Unionist,CoC,Etc) Black Bloc, You are Useful Idiots!

Do you actually believe your pseudo Waffen SS tactics could do anything but hurt a movement that is founded in love and peace? And, do you actually believe you have the foundation to make this a reality?

Perhaps it’s just the reverberations of yesterday’s meditational yoga experience- but, this appears to be a somewhat deluded perception…

Please read through these questions and think deeply. Pay special attention when things start feeling uncomfortable:

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Paparazzi Shots of my Twitter Followers!

I have a great collection of people beginning to follow me on Twitter! Thanks people, you encourage me to fight the good fight! Let me share some of my more interesting (and some puzzling) followers:

I'd love to talk with you and get some advice! Your influence could have a big impact on fixing Occupy Vancouver!

If you're a 'real' Kennedy, could you help a revolutionary writer out with some WordPress enhancements?

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What do you think about this idea?

I think I once told Sarah Beuhler this was "Consent through silence"

David Suzuki is Buying Ads Using the Keyword “Occupy Vancouver”…


David Suzuki came to OV, it was inspiring to have such a big name TV star come speak to us at OV! Later, he sent a couple very excellent PR gurus to teach us a thing or two about how to make and communicate with media.

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This Is Your Brain On (Californian union leaders?)