News Flash: Ninjas Have Infiltrated Occupy Vancouver Today! (not an official OV event!)

The Vancouver Police Department have just published a press release about an incident where the ninjas have, once again, infiltrated Occupy Vancouver! There has been one arrest.

People of Vancouver, please take note that the vast majority of people at Occupy Vancouver are not ninjas, nor do they support their actions. David Eby of the BCCLA (and a former NDP candidate who ran against Christy Clark) is supposedly an anti-ninja, and pro-OV, but he still refuses to speak- out against their actions. It pains me that he refuses to help.

It was only yesterday that Harsha Walia’s  No One Is Illegal was distributing pro-ninja propaganda


7 responses to “News Flash: Ninjas Have Infiltrated Occupy Vancouver Today! (not an official OV event!)

  1. I DO NOT support the wearing of masks or destruction of public or private property.

    I DO support Occupy Vancouver and the efforts of the majority who are demonstrating or protesting peacefully and respectfully.

  2. call a spade a spade

    Greg, why don’t you stop using Harsha’s name as an adjective for the black bloc and No One Is Illegal? Just as I am sure you are not the only person at occupy Vancouver, she is not the only person in No One Is Illegal etc. By consistently complaining about one person, you do a disservice to yourself and the arguments you put forth. Kind of reminds me about how you feel about black bloc tactics ruining the occupy movement. It looks like you’re the black bloc to your own movement Greg because you just undermined yourself. I am walking away thinking you are a delusional, hypocritical and petty bully instead of a committed activist with something to say worth hearing.

    • Have you read the tweet? It is from Harsha Walia’s No One Is Illegal re-broadcasting a rather unplesant magazine called “Balaclava”. At the minimum, the optics are quite damaging to Occupy Vancouver. Go ask the little old lady who lives down the road- she will see black sheep, not white sheep.

  3. How can they be infiltrating Occupy Vancouver at an event that isn’t Occupy Vancouver? I might be wrong, but I think this was a BC Blackout, or whatever they’re called, organized event that I saw flyers for weeks ago. It’s not their fault that our media isn’t responsible enough to correctly report who is doing what.

  4. The optics to the public made it look like an occupy vancouver event- was even how Global described it. I want to know who these people are so that we can ask them not to do things like this the day before we hold such an important meeting.

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