Stanley Cup Rioter’s Trial to Be Live Broadcast! (Or, WTF?)

So, there’s this story on the Stanley Cup Rioters I’m reading where one particular sentence caught my attention:

“During that hearing, Crown counsel Patti Tomasson told the court she intended to apply to broadcast the hearings — something the premier promised in a throne speech earlier this year.”

Perhaps I’m just not up-to-date on Canadian law, but this seems beyond comprehension- they’re having a show trial? Are they farging kidding me!

I haven’t found any mention of this issue at the BCCLA. Shouldn’t they making a statement about it? Can I ask everyone to send a mail to Dave Eby asking that he condemn this move?

Phone: 604-687-2919

Because, seriously, yesterday I was worried about Vancouver becoming Belfast- and, now, with live broadcast show trials, it is looking more like its going to be Berlin on October 28th, 1933!

It appears to me that they are doing this for the Hockey riots to distract us from things. The most obvious one is taking advantage of the people of Vancouver’ s anger at what happened so that we forget how heinous of an idea this is. And for the next stage? The BC Government’s “justice channel”.

I wonder who the first unlucky bastard will be who get’s public shaming for being late on his property taxes. It’s a slippery slope people…

If you want more news on people related to the riot, check out this story on Bert Easterbrook– Hero of the Stanley Cup Riot!


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