News Alert! Bob Ages Promoted to Arbiter of OV’s Digital Domain!

The Council of Canadians will fight for our freedom! (Right?)

Unconfirmed sources have indicated that Occupy Vancouver has made changes in their moderation of the OV Facebook Page Occupy Vancouver (Moderated). This page has become a hotbed of controversy after a number of previous administrators though themselves to be Il Duche.

The infighting on this page got so excited, one member created a page called “Occupy Your Banned!”. Unfortunately, everyone got banned, and someone reenacted the Occupy Vancouver Reichstag fire. It was a perfect re-enactment of life under the new regime– only, it appeared to be theater by those very people…

An unconfirmed report indicates the site administration will go to Bob AgesHarley Davidson fan, Director at the Council of Canadians– an organization that must be totally full of shit after funding Occupy Vancouver portapotties for so long. (sorry, couldn’t resist) Eric Doherty is another CoC member who has joined OV.

But, seriously, I’ve always perceived the CoC as good folk- that said, I never looked at them- so, this should be interesting…

This announcement comes on the heels of an action I took yesterday to secure the #OccupyVancouver Facebook page. I agreed with other users that, as Facebook does not provide an audit trail, and because of recent incidents, I would be the sole administrator. We also agreed that every change would be done democratically- and, when a change is not urgent, using democratic processes.

As the BC Civil Liberties Association didn’t find censorship to be an issue in a civil liberties movement- I think the next step I should take should be to address the Council of Canadians. They are a supposedly respectable organization with an eye for fairness and civil rights- let’s put it to the test!

If you are someone who has been banned from the moderated page on Facebook (and there are dozens of you) please call or write to Ava Waxman at the Council of Canadians– Phone: 604-688-8846   Email:

The people, United, Can never be defeated!


10 responses to “News Alert! Bob Ages Promoted to Arbiter of OV’s Digital Domain!

  1. I just wanted to add, that I’ve always deeply respected The Council of Canadians- in a similar way to how I’m growing to love Democracy Watch.

    @TentMonster recently tweeted me on behalf of the camping equipment community that occupations shouldn’t have relationships with external organisations (no, not meaning tarps, silly!).

    That considered I’m deeply concerned to see a director of ANY organisation take any arbiter role at Occupy Vancouver. It seems to counter the ethos of independence of the Global Occupy movement.

    I’d really appreciate the input of others here. I think this is an important conversation we should be having…

  2. Im not really sure what you meen here, but I would like to say If everyone knew how to be clean presentable and respectful, and not be alcoholics and drug addicts then a tent city in vancouver could be a beautiful art piece at the art gallery.And make no mistake we will re-occupy after the solstice or even ince spring hits, A dome will pop up with people that wont be afraid of brutality. its just a matter of tie!
    Any thoughts on the end of the world? they say it could happen on the 21st, wanna predict the earthquakes or anything?

    much love Greg ttys

    • I’m not sure how you are equating dirtiness with the Council of Canadians! I thought most were quite respectful and clean! Is this somehow related to Bob being a Harley fan? ROTFL

      With love and good humor…


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