The Council of Canadians Supports The DTES Olympic Protest Stooges (and yes, I do protest the word Stooges!)

Catch tape #1053 of Lawyers Gone Bad!

Things that make you go…WTF? Am I reading that a director at the Council of Canadians is making relationships with radical organizations that espouse violence? This is beyond the scope of my imagination!

Let’s add a few other organizations here:

Workers Communist party of Iran

East Van Abolitionists

Vancouver Drug Users’s Union (VANDU)

Olympic Resistance Network (ORN)

Anti-Poverty Committee

Work Less Party

No One Is Illegal (Except for me!)

These groups are the Larry, Curly & Moe of the protest community. Their combined antics were more effective at killing Olympic protest than the remainder of the $1 billion debt from the cost of security! Curiously, most names look familiar from participants at Occupy Vancouver (even those in ninja costumes!)

I’ve always felt the Council of Canadians was a kinder, gentler organization. One where Kim Campbell was Canada’s ‘super-diplomat’- the perfect person to show other countries how non-Harper Canadians really are

There are just so many questions to be answered here. I’ll have to continue on my blog. But, really- people of the 99%, does this whole situation not make you very uncomfortable? Who is the pied-piper of the Black Bloc?

What Would Kim Campbell Do? (WWKCD)