The BlackBloc Are Lying When They Say They Respect Diversity of Tactics!

So, I was invited out to a party tonight by someone who I’ve got to know quite well at Occupy Vancouver- a highly political NDP guy who has also been involved from the beginning. And what do I find but a room full of BlackBloc ninjas, and a number of their supporters! One of the more surprising people attending was Ruth Meta, a former director at DERA! Ruth also said that she had been connected with this group ‘for years’. No wonder she was so against me when I started to turn-up the heat!

The logic in this film is beyond idiocy.  And it features a high-profile member of Vancouver’s Council of Canadians! Can you find him? (54:42 on the clock).

So, now that you’ve watched the video (and you have, yes), does’t much of the language, and misguided logic sound familiar to you now? Time to take care of these people before their delusions of grandeur drive them to get too confident.

Go back to the video now to 1:08:30, and listen to what this Australopithecus has to say: “The thing about when you enter into a period of social conflict, what you don’t want is people promoting non-violence…” So, there you have it- there is a reason behind their madness! But, doesn’t this conflict with Harsha Walia’s explanation of Diversity of Tactics? Aren’t they supposed to be respecting the fact others chose a peaceful path?

People keep telling me that I should be patient, wait for them to burn themselves out. Well, I have only one thing to say, and will take a quote from Vibrator’s video: Fuck Patience!

Oh yeah, and David Eby, what is going on in your mind that you thought it wasn’t a good idea to speak up about this? Are you ignorant, insane, or just simply connected to these people?

See that guy on the right side of the picture? I saw him coordinating things on the day, and met him at a party tonight!


12 responses to “The BlackBloc Are Lying When They Say They Respect Diversity of Tactics!

  1. that film kicks ass lol, I do agree with what you said though, cant hate and get in the way of others who want to go peacefully, but with that we shouldn’t stop each other from protesting in our own respected ways. Just like the DTES you got ms13 on 1 corner the HA on the other, they dont get in each others way of slanging crack. well most of the time…..

  2. Mike. This video serves as direct evidence that the BlackBloc broke their agreement on Diversity of Tactics. There is nothing else to say here- this is full reason to reject all of their future interactions with Occupy Vancouver.

    End of story.

  3. come on now, as if every group hasn’t broken there own oath on tactics. OV and everyone alike, including the police. DoT is used because it can be diversified, no? for the better good?

  4. Personally I completely disagree with Diversity of Tactics- it is an ambuguous way of saying ‘anything goes’. That said, there are probably 20% of the people who were involved with Occupy Vancouver who agreed…

    But, even for these people- this video should raise some eyebrows. Because, a big part of DoT is to accept each other’s tactics. As the video shows, and the attitudes many of us in the pacifist camp had to experience at OV- these people specifically want to stop people from promoting non-violence.

    So, game over- time for them to leave!

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