This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic…



4 responses to “This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic…

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  2. Hello Greg, interesting stuff all. Keep your chin up there in the Big TO sir. This pic is fascinating. What are the circumstances – who took it, is it at the Run on the Banks or what, I see the TD sign in the corner. Do you know why the two or more guys are remonstrating with that Marcus dude? I would really love to get as much info about this pic as possible, thanks much. David BT

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for the supporting words! My chin is up high, and the bad guys are taking hits to theirs! Life is good!

    I believe this picture was taken during the Run on the Banks (did you know I was the one who suggested that name?) I have to admit, I ripped-off the picture from the SunVince. (not sure which one, Sun or Province, but both are the same…)

    Hope you are enjoying the Vancouver snowstorms! I just got home from an evening’s walk, wearing a t-shirt, eating an ice-cream cone. Glad I’m no longer subject to the harsh Vancouver climate! lol

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