Is this a put-on by a logging company?

Somehow, this sign doesn’t read as if it was written by an Eco-Warrior…


2 responses to “Is this a put-on by a logging company?

  1. Eco Warriors???? need to learn whats under their feet.

    Cedar trees are beautiful growing in the wild and in the products that are built from them. From Native Baskets to sustainable wood products. Ancient cedars and Sitka Spruce make the quality of music of yamaha guitars If the eco Warriors are for real ……. turn off your mp3’s and ipods to the music created from harvesting ancient forest woods.

    • I agree with you, eco-warriors aren’t seeing the whole picture. Equally, the logging companies aren’t working in the best interests of our environment.

      If there is one thing I learned during the month I spent living on Cortes Island, it was that both sides are polarised to extremes.

      There are so many complexities to this debate, and so much disinformation, that I left the island feeling unsure of either side.

      The main thought I have now is that we need a transparent and honest dialogue that is not led by either side, and in a less confrontational manner than our court system can provide.

      Until then, the trees should stand, they will only get bigger each year…