Canadians: It’s Time To Demand A Public Inquiry!

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I met someone with an interesting persepctive while I was staying at the hostel in Victoria last week. He was from Mexico, from a political family, and had some relevant ideas to share with the Occupy movement. His words have been resonating in my head ever since we talked…

I shared my experience setting-up the Occupy Harper event- posting the calendar entry on Facebook, blocading the Manchurian PM inside ScienceWorld, and the beautiful headline in the MSM: “Prime Minister Runs Over Girl’s Bike!”.

His reaction was quick and simple- “If you were in my country, they would have killed you!”

This thought left me silent for a few moments. My first thoughts were to moments when I felt scared in the presence of government officials. Incidents in Russia where, daily, I faced highway robbery from the traffic poice. Or, when I was arrested on the Bulgarian border for refusing to pay for a ‘supplementary’ visa. They housed me with a gypsy that night who introduced himself as Zoli, and said “I’m a gypsy, but a good gypsy!” Apparently he had only killed his brother- “was a personal situation” he said…

The fact is that – here in Canada – it is very extremely rare one has to face such ‘bad cops’. People in our socety don’t allow for police violence to happen- when we know about it at least. I’ll never forget the day I made this statement at Occupy Vancouver when two undercover cops exposed themselves nodding with enthusiasm…

Killer Canadian cops at the Toronto Gay Pride parade. (try spraying an LAPD, NYPD or Cairo PD with a squirt gun- I dare you!)

Here in Canada, we are privleged to have both police and military forces who are already corrupted towards the side of the Occupy movement (or whatever the rebranding will call it). It is almost unimaginable to think that Canadian police – unprovoked – would physically attack our country’s population during legitimate political protest! In fact, the Vancouver PD spent multiples more time/money protecting us from outside loonies than they did investigating or hurting Occupy Vancouver…

This issue is the core motivation my for call for pacifism in our re(ev)olution…

Chris Hedges said that every revolution ends at the moment that the police and the military lay down their arms. That considered, with the additional consideration that Canadian police and military appear to be already subverted to the Occupy movement, is it not our responsiblity to first try and take a peaceful path prior to initiating violence? If not, could someone please explain why? (you’d better have a pretty convincing & documented argument…)

Somehow, there are people want you to think differently- some of them appear to be professional ‘cop haters’. Curiously, one of them is the head of our province’s civil liberties watchdog- David Eby, a notable member of the NDP. David is a well-documented cop-hater– starting with his experience fighting questionable incidents of police violence with the infamous PIVOT legal society. David’s is a logic that continues to astound me- irresponsible, at best!

Vancouver has a deeply embedded and influential community of people who believe in this idiocy. People like Harsha Walia take the Gerry Adams approach- prostelicising violence while keeping a safe, legal, distance. Or, people like Michael H Hejazi who keeps black flags, CB radios, clubs and a full volume of Marx’s writing in his living room. Or, those who interact amongst the Black Block without full disclosure like David Eby, The Council of Canadians (formerly), Bob Ages(presently), and Stephen Collis from SFU. (BTW- I’m in the process of writing open-letters to each of the above mentioned people/organizations.)

Michael H Hejazi as a California Union Activist (things that make you go hmmmm)

This is a warning to each of you, and your followers, that the 99% will not accept your tactics. As your behavior is exposed, they are learning- people, the gig is up. Your cop-hating stunts, non-transparent activities, and philosophy of the divisiveness towards the 99% are contrary to both the Ethos of the Occupy movement and the Canadian people in general. Neither are violent nor a cop-hating cultures.

Chillingly, Chief Chu appears as comfortable letting this happen as he is ignoring dope dealers as they do deals behind his back on live TV. And, the RCMP/Privincial Police have already been caught dressed-up in Balaclavas in Quebec– and possibly in Ontario. I propose, like with police violence, it is the responsibility of the 99% to ensure this issue has been fixed- we can obviously not leave it to the authorities. We need to write to our MLA’s, MP’s, Cabinet Ministers and other community leaders demanding this issue is solved for once and for all.

We should insist on a public and transparent government inquiry to ask questions and shut-down those who try to act-out or inspire violence in our community. I will be writing my own letters and soon will be sharing form letters for you all. In the meantime, if you would like to write a letter yourself, and are willing to share it with others- I will post all reasonable letters that are shared with me at:

15 responses to “Canadians: It’s Time To Demand A Public Inquiry!

  1. David Eby, the Council of Canadians, PIVOT ????? Why don’t you go join the Conservative Party – you would be happier there,

    • Indeed I wouldn’t! Unless, it was a dunking booth full of Conservative party members! ROTFL

      There are many lefties and liberals who have issues with this group- and we refuse to shut-up and walk the party line. Regardless- Liberal, CPC, Green, NDP- all are self serving. Time to dump party politics in general…

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