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My Grandmother Hated Abbie Hoffman

Note: I am reposting this story, it was the first one I wrote for the Occupy Movement, and to this day still perfectly echos my sentiments about how our movement can succeed. It is simply really- can your grandmother feel comfortable in it? Then the answer is yes!

Please read and share your feelings in the comments sections- what do we need to do so that we win?

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SlanderMail from the Crazy CUPE Guy!

One intense looking Union Executive!

There is this man out there who makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable- perhaps unsafe. I’ve never met him before, never asked him to engage me-he came and hunted me down months ago back when I was at Occupy Vancouver. He appears violent and dangerous- I’m just hoping he isn’t a psychopath. Please, if anything ever happens to me, have someone check his basement. Have a look at how he introduced himself to me: (click to enlarge)

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More PottyMouth from a.k.a. Chelsea Flook

Another Love Letter From Chelsea:
Rob Gordon’s letter points to your obsessive nature and points out you and he had major differences. Enough to sign the petition you tried to discredit. If you are looking for apologies and regret from people, what are you willing to own up to? I have never met you, but your online persona seems petty and toxic. Your pathetic attempt to write some discrediting blog post just proves the comment you based it on. You need to calm the fuck down. Especially on your paranoia and conspiracy theories. Seriously, it’s more disruptive and damaging to the movement than the stuff your claiming. Since you seem bent on making your problems the problems of everyone else, you have forced me to draw conclusions about your character from this alone. What ever you do in the future, I hope you take into consideration that you have made no friend or ally in me. You might want to reconsider your approach when attempting to infiltrate other occupy camps and other social movements. Whatever you don’t like in Dave is probably a reflection of what you do yourself. I suggest if you are asking someone to take a step back, you also consider how much that might be good for you too. You seem burn out to me.

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BullyWatch: Letter I wrote to Dave Vasey this morning

They certainly do in Dave's case...


Last night I went home with tears in my eyes. It must have been looked quite obvious, because a woman who didn’t know me stopped and asked if I was okay. It was after 10pm and we were on the subway, quite an unusual situation.

I got home, cried some more, and started working on a blog posting- detailing your relationship with organisations funded by the George Soros funded TIDES Foundation. Ruckus Society, Indigenous Environmental Network, Rainforest Action Network, etc. But, I stopped working on it half-way through and decided to get some sleep. People who behave like you aren’t worth losing valuable sleep over.

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A Message to My Friends at Occupy Toronto

Please check our Facebook pages. I have published a letter there asking Dave Vasey to step-down from his (assumed) role as our leader. Dave’s handling of the allegations against my by Harsha Walia and people at Occupy Vancouver was not acceptable to the ethos of our movement.

I now have disproved the allegations and it is time to move onto the business of changing the world. Thank you for your patience during this trying time in our history. I look forward to doing great things together.

For people in Vancouver, and other occupations, I will update you soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to always ask questions of people who speak badly of others, and never accept ad-hominem attacks for any reason.

If you are worried your occupation is being subverted, it is most likely being done by those who attack others without providing credible evidence.

Together we will prevail, divided we will fall. The concept of banishment must be removed from our thoughts. MLK said we must love the oppressors. Equally, we must love each other- unconditionally.

With Love & Solidarity,

London Has Been (De)Occupied!

Last night, at just before midnight, vans loaded with police arrived at St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London and began the task of clearing out several dozen remaining Occupiers.

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Call to Action: Vigil for Fukushima & Demand Action From our Governments

Celebrate Progress!

It was only a few days after I had moved back to Vancouver. We were living in a temporary place in the Electra building– the former headquarters of BC Hydro. The day earlier I read about the ‘secret vault’ that was discovered a month ago after a small fire shook-up the residents. There were rumours that there may be old PCB’s down there, but nobody could confirm. The building was constructed back in 1957, the styling of the architecture reminiscent of Tomorrowland at Disneyworld- was claimed to be the tallest in the Commonwealth. Progress!

Vancouver Fireman Putting on Hazmat gear at the Electra

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Are you seeing the pattern here?

Interesting story by Undercover Kitty. It kinda proves the patterns I have been seeing- CUPE and the other unions do not appear to be respecting Occupy’s sense of fair play…

If anyone from CUPE wishes to speak out about this without being nasty and abusive (that means you crazy CUPE guy & PottyMouth CUPE girl) you are very welcome to. Even better, how about an official statement?

I wonder what this is all about???

Hate Mail From Chelseaflook! (a.k.a. PottyMouth)

One thing I am quickly learning about Toronto is that there are a lot of people in this city who need their mouths washed-out with soap! Or, at least, amongst people who I find visiting my blog…

In this case, our vocabulary-challenged guest is Taylor Flook (a.k.a. Taylor Chelsea). The quality of her attack is on-par with that crazy guy from CUPE who keeps showing up in the most unexpected places!

PottyMouth (a.k.a Officer Bubblett)

Let’s have a look at her hate mail first- then I’ll continue with my response to this heapin’ spoonful of radical environmentalist style lovin’: (click to expand)

Dear Cheseaflook,

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Hey Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus- What’s Going On?

As Ghandi once said: “First they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win.” I’d have to add something in-between the ‘fight’ and the ‘win’ moments- “then they expose themselves.” And, it looks like we are right at that point.

Judy Rebick with some girl I'd like to meet!

It all began with my appearing at Occupy Toronto, about 15 minutes after I arrived at the Action Committee meeting. Wilsun Tsu flashed his Blackberry towards Dave Vasey, and the look on his face was one I’ll not forget for a long time. This was the moment when I was pretty certain that the conspiracy theorists were right- Occupy is an ‘Inside Job’. Or, at least, people are participating at Occupy without full disclosure…

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My Response to Accusations Made on Occupy Toronto Facebook Pages

Dave Vasey (wearing top-hat): Is he working for the 1%?

When Dave Vasey confronted me at the beginning of the last Occupy Toronro Action Committee meeting we had an agreement that I would post my letter to the people of OT to each committee through the mailing lists. Then, when it came time to send out my mail I noticed I was banned- despite the fact I have not used those lists to cause any interruption.

It confounded me that someone like Dave, who has worked his whole life pursuing social and ecological justice would have made the accusations he did. It confounds me more that some (there are many more good & honest than there are bad) people decided to shut me out from telling my side of the story. Something is rotten in Denmark…

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Censored! A Letter to the People of Occupy Toronto

Dave Vasey: Graduate of the George Soros funded Ruckus Society!

Here’s a letter I posted to all of the people at Occupy Toronto- that is, all of those who I could reach. It seems, unfortunately, that some of the people who consider themselves as leaders in our leaderless organisation have decided to practice conviction without trial. So, contrary to our agreement, they blocked my ability to send this letter out…

This is what democracy dictatorship looks like! 

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United Steelworkers Dance To Support Usury!

But The Steelworkers Support Sustaining it!

When the original holders of the Infinity Rubber factory went bankrupt, a new buyer took it over at a significantly discounted price. The new owner financed their payment through a rather predatory loan.The rate for this loan was set at 18%- usury!

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Conflict of Interest: Civil Liberties and Politicians Don’t Mix

I’m currently researching an essay on the politicization of Civil Liberties Associations. Today I found an interesting video by Stimular0r interviewing Laurence Hildes, the head of the National Lawyers Guild. The video discusses David Eby’s denouncement of the Heart Attack incident during the Olympics.

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Who would have guessed a video about Pivot would make me feel this way?

I was busy doing some research on a project, as a single guy typically would do on Family Day, when I ran across a video that brought back some beautiful memories. At the beginning of the video John Richardson is seen sitting on a log on the beach- I used to sit at the same place and drink my coffee many mornings. Paradise!

Funny thing is, who would have thought that would happen when reading about Pivot Legal Society? Well, stranger things have happened- like in BC where the Civil Liberties watchdog is run by a politician!

I sometimes think that, perhaps, I could find myself living on Cortes. That said, it is such a small place, and lots of gossiping and rumours can fly around. Quite the opposite of the big city…

Hate Mail From CUPE! (And my response…)

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) &quo...

I got the most lovely letter today from Rob Chamberland, president of CUPE Local 2073. It sounds like he is angry and vindictive- could it be having to repeat “oh ye brothers and sisters” too often each day, or is there something more to the story?

Here’s the letter, filled with all of the exaggeration and anger you’d expect from a labour executive- followed with my response: (click the image to expand)

Dearest Rob,

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David Eby: Politician, or Civil Libertarian? (And why he needs to resign..)

I was talking with a couple of people this morning who mentioned that someone had sent an email around Occupy Toronto that was trying to do some ‘damage control’ on my last blog entry. I’ve not seen the letter but I’ve been told that, as usual, Eby’s protectorate were trying to frame him as being @MotherTheresaBC. One person who I know would disagree on that point is BC’s Premier- @ChristyClarkBC, who he ran against for her seat in the last provincial election.

So, on this point alone, it is clear that David is a politician- or, at least was a politician. The question of whether he is a politician now or not still needs to be answered. Luckily, David was kind enough to help us with the answer by involving himself in the Vancouver Police Department’s “Porngate” story that broke yesterday. It all began when he tweeted his first opinion:

Let’s first begin looking at those who re-tweeted his message, as it will give you all an idea of the type of people who are David’s followers and supporters… Continue reading

The Curious Case of Adam Smolcic, David Eby & the Occupy Movement.

I’ve been holding off on this story for a while- wasn’t sure where it would lead, and thought I’d give it some time to percolate more information became available. I’ve learned a few things since then- and, along with other stories I’ll publish over the next few days, it appears to have a some significance to solving the puzzle behind the Canadian Occupy movement in Canada.

Adam Smolcic is a marijuana activist with a long record of police incidents and apparently false accusations. His history caught my attention when I noticed he had worked with David Eby and the BC Civil Liberties Association on a rather dubious police complaint…

The first case to come to my attention was an incident where Adam claimed to have witnessed Vancouver police shooting a homeless man. Adam said he recorded this incident on his mobile phone but, when a police officer took the phone from him they erased the evidence. That said, he admitted to being under the influence of his beloved Mary Jane…

David Eby, the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, couldn’t resist getting involved. As an aspiring politician, the free publicity was useful- and, he tends to jump at any opportunity to drive an anvil between police and civilians. Eby is well-known as one of the city’s leading cop haters, As you’ve seen with his connections to the Black Bloc during the Olympics, his close relationship to Harsha Walia, his refusal to stand-up against the violence we’ve seen at Occupy Vancouver, and his challenges drinking sub-par wine.

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United Steel Workers Made Me Feel Cheap Today…

Each time a union pulls-out a video camera at an Occupy event it leaves me feeling used. Not a good kind of used either- more the kind of used a prisoner would feel after dropping the soap in Coalinga State Hospital.

We had a similar incident in Vancouver during CUPE‘s national convention. There was a direct action called outside of the camp that most people went to. And, coincidentally, just at the same time, 2000+ members of the union showed-up to film another promotional video. In this case, they play-acted as if they were holding a General Assembly- only, there were 100’s of them and there are only three occupiers in the video. And, of course, there was a homeless man I don’t recognize getting high-fives from CUPE members!


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Now, This Is Interesting!

So I posted a link to the Media Co-Op page where they linked to me last night. I woke up today to find it was re-posted/shared by Bert Easterbrook. And, his comment nearly popped my eyes out- it seems we think alike! I think I’m beginning to like him…

Then, I go to this blog’s stats page to see how things are going (well, it appears, a lot of people have been coming here the past few days.) The top search term this morning, once again, blew my mind!

Say it ain’t true Harsha- who out there thinks you are mafia? Not something I would have thought of, but someone sure seems to. Perhaps even two people…

The last thing I’ll share with you today is a clipping of a conversation I had initiated with our city government. Mayor Gregor (who wasn’t polite enough to invite me over to his place when I was over on Cortes Island, lol) posted a message about ‘thirst’ and it reminded me of the issue with the Curtis Brick fountain. So I asked:

I’ll share the results with you when they come in. That said, considering I’ve been trying to get this fixed since October, I’ll refrain from holding my breath. Hate to say that- but it appears that Sarah Blyth totally dropped the ball on this one…