Video of the Oakland Black Block Attack on Whole Foods in November

I feel bad for all of the peaceful demonstrators at Occupy Oakland The OPD are known for their violence, but actions like this only add fuel to the fire. That said, this is the intention of the Black Bloc– their philosophy is to escalate the situation in hopes that it will motivate the 99% to be outraged and join the movement.


English: Protesters at the Occupy Oakland protests

Oakland's Black Bloc in action...


3 responses to “Video of the Oakland Black Block Attack on Whole Foods in November

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  2. Ya, you can’t call them “peaceful” protesters when a male, which would be classed as “peaceful” if you use the 99% ideology, jumps on a female “Black Bloc” protester spray painting Strike on a Whole Foods that refused to go on Strike. How is that justified for a male yo assault a woman for what would be classed as vandalism and would most likely result in some community service. Not to mention a 99% protester swinging a chair or a stick to stop some windows from being smashed. That’s violence towards people!!! So what lengths will the 99% movement go to stop us?!? The occupiers are like a loyal dog when it comes to the police. They keep getting beat, teargassed, assaulted, pepper sprayed, denied basic care when detained and a long list of other shit. Just Google it! So then the occupiers will continue that again as if it never happened. Then when it comes to Black Bloc we don’t forget. We fight back! Now! Tomorrow! All day all night! F*** the Police.

    • You must be deeply hurt- I feel your pain, and wish you luck recovering. Please understand that this is not the path to recovery for you. Find someone you love, or perhaps a puppy, and have a long gentle hug. You’d be amazed how well that works.

      You have joined a nonviolent movement. By doing the things you say, you’re breaking trust with your fellow soldiers. Please realise that, if the time comes, many of us will do what it takes. But, until then, violent tactics are not welcome.

      Solidarity Brother (or sister, can’t tell through the mask).