Welcome Media Co-Op Readers! (Do they receive Government Funding?)

The Media Arm Of The Black Bloc

It appears that Media Co-Op has linked to my site! This organization is one of Canada’s foremost producer of violence inciting media. Something to be proud of! (if you are a Black Bloc terrorist…)

Media Co-Op is most famous for filming Harsha Walia’s racist & sexist hate video a filmed at Irwin Oostende’s  rave club/media centre called the W2 Media Center. W2 was originally meant to serve the people of the DTES– that said, I’ve been there a number of times, and the only time I saw a DTES resident was outside of the building. What’s up with that Irwin- is it time to hand over the space to someone else?

First-hand account of Irwine attacking a First Nations Transgender person who supports the sex worker community. How gallant! Have they written and published a letter about him on the Internet ? Has he been shunned from the activist community?

Here’s the video. If the phrase “privileged white male” contains Trigger Words for you, or you are a person who can’t handle watching racist/sexist/proviolent attacks on people, I recommend you don’t watch this.

Diversity of Tactics – 3 – Harsha Walia from working TV on Vimeo.

Many of us are particularly disturbed by the concept of de-arresting comrades, sounds like Harsha is promoting criminal violence here. Time for an investigation? Beyond the racism, hate, and incitement of violence- perhaps the most classic quote here is “It’s not about breaking windows, but it is about breaking windows”.

There’s also “Every tactic is immune to criticism!” My tactic is to write and publish about criminal & social injustice-  if this is true, why am I being attacked for my tactics? I have never used words even close to approaching what Harsha Said in this video.

It appears to me that a couple of laws have been broken here- so, what is to be done about it?:

Now, remember, Harsha is defending the Screw-up that killed the anti-Olympic movement– does her positivity about this trainwreck indicate she was happy it was killed? Why?

If you think you can stomach more of this, please follow this link:

If anyone has information on who funds these criminals- could you please let me know? I promise to keep your name confidential, and it will be a public service to our country.



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  2. I am a contributor to Toronto Media Co-Op. I became involved with them after becoming frustrated with the Occupy Toronto Media Team. We are a Co-Op, we share time, work and resources with each other. Sometimes we receive a little help from the outside, maybe printing costs for an issue of a newsletter or something like that. Never have we received any money from the government.

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