BullyWatch: Taylor Chelsea & Krystalline Kraus Are Boldfaced Liars!

Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. PottyMouth) has decided to continue her attacks on me. It’s funny really, because I’ve never met her, and she has never met me. But, for some reason, about a week ago, she decided to come here and start yelling swear words and insults at me! There’s something really wrong with her- because, it just doesn’t make sense…

I was in the middle of writing a response on the Occupy Toronto facebook page about some of PottyMouth’s new slanderous attacks just now, and found out that I had been blocked. This, despite I’ve never written a single objectionable thing. So, why did this happen? Looks like I’ve been bullied out of it. Have a look:

Now, I know that PottyMouth read the letter I sent to Dave Vasey, because she responded in her typical fashion, throwing swearwords and hate. So, her attempt to attack me like this is completely senseless. Why PottyMouth, why?

Next, you can see she uses a common low-ball bullying technique to try and get me thrown off the page “I’m also leaving because Greg R is here”. Nice work Taylor- real classy…

But, that obviously wasn’t enough for PottyMouth. She continues her attack in another posting- spouting another set of lies and ad-hominem attacks:

Let me approach each of her ugly lies (and one of Krystalline’s) here one-by-one:

“He has done everything to drive people away.”

This is a great example of an ad-hominem attack. She gives no explanation about what I did, simply says ‘everything’. This is a cheap trick, plain and simple. And, it is a lie, because I’ve never done a single thing to drive people away- it is Dave Vasey who is trying to drive me away

“If you disagree with him he will call CrimeStoppers on you for being a pot activist”

I’m guessing that Tayor is referring to my story about Adam Smolcic. If this is right, she is twisting the truth beyond all recognition. I called CrimeStoppers because he is on a most-wanted list! It says this very clearly on my blog posting. So, great try at damaging my reputation Taylor, but no cigar- only a serious loss of respect for your intelligence…

Also, I’ve never met the guy- so not sure what you mean by “if you disagree with him!” If you are going to slander someone Taylor, you need to do much better at it than that. Because, you are only making yourself look really stupid right now…

“…Call your place of work and harass them…”

I was confused about this comment until I heard something interesting today- completely unexpected. Apparently there was a surprise attack taken on me at the GA. I wasn’t there at the time- was out enjoying dinner with a beautiful new friend (she’s amazing!) People knew I wouldn’t be there- so, rather tricky of them…

Krazy Krystalline Kraus: Liar,Liar-Pants on Fire!

Krystalline Kraus showed-up and told a story about my calling her place of work- apparently she shed tears and everything! Well, if this is what she actually said- it is completely untrue.  I’ll find out tomorrow- but, if so, I demand an immediate retraction and apology before the end of tomorrow’s GA.

If Krystalline decides to not admit she was lying, it is easy enough to prove this. I will subpoena the telephone records from her employer and prove that no such call was made. If anyone wants evidence from me, I will gladly sign a release form for you to see my phone records. Simple really…

Krystalline and I have never met, have never had a one-on-one interaction online, we haven’t even communicated through telepathy to my knowledge. That said, she seems to have been trying to hurt my reputation for a while now.

Here’s the first attack I saw her take on me on the 24th of February. You can see more of KK’s attacks on me, and on others, reading through the comments section of my story about her & Judy Rebick.

And, yes, this attack was coordinated between her and the Crazy Guy From CUPE! He came after me because I criticised CUPE for a rather low-class episode of theirs at Occupy Vancouver. I’m a bit nervous about the CGFC, because he seems to promote things that are violent!

My big question for Ms Krause is about motive. Why would she put herself in a position like this? Who would she be lying to protect?

Well, it does appear that Judy Rebick is close to Krystalline- could this be why? Because, I doubt that Judy is happy how I exposed her lack of interest in dealing with Occupy Vancouver’s Black Bloc problem…

I’m all confused about Rebick’s involvement with Rabble.ca- but, I do know she still writes for them often. So, there is a strong connection. Judy is also quite close with the Steelworker’s union- I think it is because they share a common Marxist/Leninist philosophy.

Look at the list above and you will see that the Steelworkers seem to give a lot of money to Rabble too! Perhaps they are trying to get revenge at me for exposing their flashmob to support usury? Hmmmm…

So Krystalline, I leave it to you. Would you like to come-clean now? If you have the decency to do this, I will forget this ever happened. Or, will you repeat your lies at the GA tomorrow- guaranteeing you will be exposed?

If you continue these lies, I will have no choice but to pursue damages against you, and whoever else was involved. What you did to me was dirty, tacky & gross trick. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself…

Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. PottyMouth)

And, PottyMouth, I have no idea why you came to my blog in the first place. But, I am deeply disturbed by how you tried so many times to twist it around and complain that I wrote about you here. I can only guess one of three reasons you continue to do this:

1.) You are terminally stupid?
2.) You have anger issues, and can’t control yourself?
3.) You are working for someone who doesn’t want me here?

Personally, I really don’t care which one it is. All I’ll say to you is that I have collected enough evidence of what you have done to take action against you. But, you really aren’t worth it at this point. So, I’ll give you one last chance to step-away. Okay?

If you have one more thing to say, why not answer my earlier questions. Considering you are connected to three organizations funded by George Soros’ TIDES Foundation, can you please explain if this is your motivation behind your transparent attacks?

Because, I find it hard to believe you are so incredibly stupid that you would try such hopeless lies and about me again…


32 responses to “BullyWatch: Taylor Chelsea & Krystalline Kraus Are Boldfaced Liars!

  1. Sick of Narcissistic Liars

    You are not the first victim of Krystalline Kraus and you probably will not be the last. She is a very toxic and sick individual who does not and will not hesitate to spread any kind of lie there is about people in order to make herself look good, gain supporters and get her way. Her favorite tactics are screaming racism and sexism against people, even without evidence. You should have called her editors they need to know just who they are dealing with and how negatively it reflects on rabble. You should get the phone records and expose this talentless and corrupt little girl for who she truly is, before she does more damage to you and others.

    • It is funny, she accused me of calling her boss- but I didn’t. But, you are right, I should have!

      That said, I’m very glad I didn’t, because now she has nowhere to hide! And, I have forwarded this message to Rabble this morning- so it is done now. In some ways, I hope she decides to continue the lie at the GA tonight. We will be livestreaming, and it will be recorded this time… 😉

    • If you have any examples to share of her other slanders, please post them here!

  2. Bullying = bullshit. Anyone who doesn’t want to answer a question says they’re being bullied.

  3. it is incredible the amount of lies that are being spread around of late by the persons mentioned in this blog post. i too have had the great pleasure of being accused of being a racist and sexist but when I asked them to prove it and provide facts, they tried the old stand by, they tried to delphie me , and utterly failed at it. They tried this to others as well and once again, FAILED. it appears that they are so afraid to answer questions that could expose the truth about them and what they are really trying to do that anyone who questions them is automatically a bully, a sexist and a racist.

    Yesterday, as one example, our hero …. NOT , Dave Vasey approached me , to his credit, quietly and without raising his voice and proclaimed me to be a secret agent. The reason for my seeming employment as some secret agent was .. and please, sit down for this one … my CAMERA was too cool and expensive looking . he them proceeded to go into a rather long winded diatribe about how much of a racist and sexist I am , but what i think he really wanted , was to get some sort of reaction from me that would be seen a an aggressive escalation of the discussion. So , instead , i laughed in his face , called him a moronic idiot and wished him a happy day.

    These people are clearly a few cookies short of a dozen and personally, I welcome them to say anything they wish , if nothing else, the entertainment value alone is worth it 🙂

    • I think of Dave Vasey as an Enigma, kind of like George Dubya. Either he is really smart, and great at looking stupid. Or, he’s really stupid, and great at looking smart to stupid people.
      PottyMouth seems to be just plain dumb as a box of rocks.

      And, as for Krazy Krystalline Kraus? Well, KKK is just so desperate to impress Rebick that she’ll obviously fall on a sword for her.

      Quite the crowd of misfits coming after me. Just shows how desperate Soros György is feeling these days. We’re beating the 1%! ROTFLMAO

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