BullyWatch: I Was Assaulted today By Black Bloc Terrorists


Hero, or terrorist? You be the judge...

Alex Hundert- the man people misguidedly view as a hero for being dumb enough for getting caught during the G20, brought two other big scary looking men with him and blocked my access to the GA. The police came, they lied to them, nothing happened in the end. Occupy held a meeting, discussed me, and I was never able to speak…

Alex was participating in the meeting today by means of working to exclude me from it. This is against the rules of his parole. Tomorrow I will contact his parole officer and make sure this is attended to. His criminality will not be allowed to continue if I can help it.

Abbie Hoffman once said “The first duty of any revolutionary is to not get caught.” Alex got caught, he isn’t a hero, he is a violent bully who physically shoved me and blocked my access. There is no pride in getting busted, to make this man a hero is surreal…

I’ll write more tomorrow. Just wanted to set the record straight about what happened today. I’m okay now, happy as a clam really- and have someone really special to thank for that. Thanks my new friend, the glow of getting to know you outweighs watching my beloved movement go through such pains…


It's only a flesh wound!


10 responses to “BullyWatch: I Was Assaulted today By Black Bloc Terrorists

  1. Sick of Narcissistic Liars

    You should be pressing charges! No one has the right to do this to another person. All those who remained complacant in the attack both physically and verbally are just as guilty. The man who did this to you should never be allowed to do this to anyone again.

    • I tried with the police today, they were useless. But will be calling his parole officer tomorrow. Hundert is banned from attending activist movements…

  2. Sick of Narcissistic Liars

    I know he is not allowed to be at activist movements. The police probably could not be bothered with filling out paperwork. I also noticed the claim that the room was rented out. I was under the impression that it was donated space, so the police would have had no right to issue a trespass on you. Call his probation officer. He is obviously a violent and unstable individual and needs to be taken off the street before he seriously hurts someone.

  3. I am going to address this issue but fist, i wish to respectful offer up a small correction made by Sick of Narcissistic Liars with the following comment: ” …. I was under the impression that it was donated space, so the police would have had no right to issue a trespass on you. … ” In fact, the police CAN issue a trespass order at any time if the establishment wishes one to be made against a person. it is then up to the person to fight it , as it is usually a $60.00 ticket . There are three stages to this order. the first one being a simple ticket as mentioned above. the second stage , done if the person is a repeated offender would be to issue the person an appearance in court order where the person has to appear before a judge or justice of the peace. the third and final stage , again if the person is a repeat offender would be a physical arrest of the person who would then be taken into the police station , photographed, finger printed , have a discussion with detectives and released after several hours known as ROR with a mandatory court appearance . i hope I was able to clear up this in some small way.

    Now onto the comment at hand. it is my VERY STRONG belief that what took place last was a well planed , well orchestrated , well rehearsed event to offer the APPEARANCE ONLY of disorganization. to the persons who rarely attend this was exactly what it appeared to be . However, a much closer look at the series of events leading up to this point, very clearly points to my hypothesis as being the correct one . there has been talk over the past several weeks of an impending split between occupy and a group run by vasey himself . this was confirmed recently as a new group called ” DECOLONIZE ” and was pretty much set in stone when a select group from occupy went to a place called Kanata ( sp ) for a weekend ” training session ” . The split was imminent and is part of a plan to be much more aggressive and violent in their actions . we have seen this in small ways as early as Jan 17 during the city hall mini riot , the occupy lead congo escalation a few weeks ago and the very aggressive nature of attacks against certain members of occupy . keep in mind that vasey is RUKUS trained and according to a USA dept of homeland security document, RUKUS is on the terrorist watch list. Here is the link : http://www.aclupa.org/downloads/trackedlist11910.pdf . Remeber too that Occupy was given marching orders a few months back from the Soros group through his ” prediction ” that things would get more violent ” .

    Moving on to last night …. Alex Hundert ( sp ) is the founding member of an anarchist group called AWOL which is one of the most violent of all the anarchist groups . Also, Harsh Walia just happened to be at the University of Guelph which is one of the hotbeds of anarchism in Ontario. it is safe to suggest the Walia and Hundert have communicated and came up with this aggressive plan against Greg because Hundert has NOT BEEN TO ANY meetings prior to last night 9 as far as I am aware )

    So now, we have the ” split” . Occupy is , for all intents and purposed dead… or is it ? The key players are very likely to move over to ” decolonize where they CAN do whatever THEY want because this will run vastly differently than occupy , with the same group of key players.

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