A Discussion on the Influence of George Soros & The TIDES Foundation

Picture I took of the entrance of Hollyhock during my stay there in January

I got into a heated debate with an ally of Dave Vasey and Taylor Chelsea today on the “Occupy Is An Inside Job” page on Facebook. It began with the usual slander and hate- I’ll leave that part out right now as it has been resolved, and I’m sure you don’t need to see any more of that right now…

But, I will share the discussion we had on how Canadian movements are funded by George Soros and the TIDES Foundation. It really says more than I could by simply writing an article. Enjoy!

This is your brain on Soros! Any questions?

BTW- Vancouver has many politicians who are funded by TIDES Foundation interests. These include Mayor Gregor Robertson and David Eby! And, don’t forget David Eby’s alma mater, the PIVOT Legal Society, and the Hollyhock resort!

14 responses to “A Discussion on the Influence of George Soros & The TIDES Foundation

  1. The pipeline is not a Canadian issue. It is a global issue. Global capital is funding it and global capital will benefit from it and the global atmosphere will suffer for it. If global activists are NOT allowed to be involved in opposing this pipeline, then I feel like we haven’t got much of a chance of protecting land, Aboriginal rights and Canadian resources. By not allowing help and support and solidarity from around the world, we are small.

  2. Indeed, the pipeline is a global issue! That said, it is also a proxy war between China and the USA. If we aren’t careful, Canada will become the new Belgium!

    Undeclared interests with undeclared intentions should not be allowed to operate in our country- ever. So, if Soros declares that he wants to stop the Chinese from getting the oil- then great, Canadians will be able to make a clear decision on if this is worth it! (I think it is, but only with disclosure)

    But, the issue of having people who are taking money from Soros funded organizations acting as leaders of the Occupy movement is beyond the realm of imagination- isn’t it? There is a clear conflict of interest in this case. These people should all step-back from leadership positions.


  3. well, since you did not expand all the comments from the facebook discussion, it is really only half a conversation.

  4. 1. You haven’t established any evidence, other than your mere accusation, that Soros is funding anything to do with Occupy
    2. Even if you could prove it, which I doubt, the funding of one activist or one site does not denote that the entire movement (all thousands of locations in well over 100 countries) has anything to do with Soros
    3. I question the motive of a corporate asshole like Soros wanting to instigate a rebellion against corporate assholes. Sure, maybe in one location where his interests are met, but the entire world? Not going to happen.

    Your article has failed on basic logic. Until you can show direct funding or links (and not just say so) I think you’re making this shit up.

    May I suggest pulling out the financial records of Adbusters. That’s a Canadian company. It is directly related to the Occupy movement. If you can prove that they are a subsidiary of Tides, I’ll start listening to you.

    Until then, please stop spreading bullshit. There are plenty more stories of interest involving corruption and fuck knows what else that you could be spending your valuable time and energy on investigating.

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