An Important Message for Everyone…


2 responses to “An Important Message for Everyone…

  1. Bonnie Dillinger

    Thanks for posting this video. what i got out of it is if youre having an issue you need to resolve and are presenting to a group, be prepared with specifics!! Not “he said, she said”. And remain calm; panic dosent help. Focus on the facts. example Joe drove his kids to school today. instead of because joe feels hes too good to take the ttc and hates dealing with the publie, he took his children to school today in his car. You have to remain in the realm of logic. Which is difficult when you feel uncomfortable. and what i think ive learned is the less control you have over your concerns, fears, etc, the less credible you appear. And let the other person go first, then you can adequetlky defend the allegation with fact. I need to remember these things in my own life, as we all do.

  2. Bonnie Dillinger

    so let me see if ive learned something; here we have a post from a person on a message board
    first thing would be to find the facts, who is this person? iut\s it REALLY them?
    2. what sort of “research” is this person involved with?
    3. where is this person geographically located?
    4. did anything odd happen on the date in the post?

    it seems proof is rather a difficult thing to pull off.