Is Someone Planning an Attack on Me?

Interesting. Today I believed I outed Jason Morden as the person who holds the account @VancouverBlues on Twitter, but I have since confirmed it is Michael Madlove (who has a real story behind him!). Apologies for that Jason- but I sill hold you responsible for supporting Harsha’s racist and hateful comments against Derrick O’Keefe

I think I raised some vengeance feelings inside Michael’s (small) mind when I questioned the validity of Harsha Walia holding a rally against racism….

Now, I’ll probably be labelled ‘ablest’ for questioning His intellect here. So, let me re-publish Harsha’s video below- see what you think. Was she racist in this video- or, is he intellectually challenged?

A new account on Twitter just began following me, and it looks to be a bit of a setup. Have a look:

My first clue is how his account is the first that this account follows. As I said, he is intellectually challenged- only a moron would be so transparent if they were doing such a thing. But, if you see the list of other Twitter accounts he followed, they are all somehow connected to me or to people who have been trying to stop me from telling the truth!

Next, let’s look at the first things tweeted from this account:! Is this another Judy Rebick deal going on? After all, it is common knowledge that Rabble is a tool used to attack respectable people who disagree with Judy’s gang of Marxist haters! And, it also promotes Harsha’s march for Racism, and No One Is Illegal! Interesting…

It seems that he has also setup a website to go along with this account!

One has gotta wonder what the meaning of this site is? I’m taking bets, anyone want to take a guess?

I’ve got a message for you. Just stop now while you’re ahead. Because, this won’t turn out well for you…


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