Harsha Walia Works on a Cunning plan!

Harsha Walia Works on a Cunning plan!


3 responses to “Harsha Walia Works on a Cunning plan!

  1. Before Greg came along, I had a few concerns. I just wanted to thank him publically here on his blog for taking on the job which needed to be done so badly; get the bad rotting eggs out so the good people can thrive. Thanks Genuine witty because for the first time in years I can sleep soundly at night. And Brotherwolf although I don’t know you personally nor you me thanks for the act of simple kindness when I was in fear. Now I can sit back, relax and see what transpires. And live my life happily knowing facts are out there and people have hung themselves with their own words. 😉

  2. Thank you Bonnie! And thank you to the dozens of people who have come to me this past week and expressed appreciation for my work. It appears that the momentum is shifting and we are reaching critical mass in the drive to fix Canada of it’s problem with the Radical Marxist Left and their ugly ways. Soon we will be free of their abusiveness an hate!

  3. brotherwolf1

    Greg the people involved in this whole joke are so seriously brainwashed, I would suspect that cults are not as effective at brainwashing at such a rapid pace as what we have seen here . Last nights anti police event was a prime example of what level there morons would go to, but they made one very critical error ( well two , if you count getting out of bed an error ) , they think they can use intimidation on people, but fail to realize that it does not work on strong willed and strong minded people. ( or pretty much anyone with the ability to do more than grumble ) . These people need to to be exposed for who and what they are.