I’ve Filed a Criminal Complaint Against Krystalline Kraus & Alex Hundert…

I learned yesterday that defamation is a criminal offence in Canada- meaning, that one doesn’t have to be able to afford a lawyer to defend themselves from what Krystalline Kraus (Krystal Ann Kraus). This is good news indeed- and shows that Canada is still a just country in some ways…

It was challenging at first. I walked-in with two requests, the first was to take care of the criminal assault by Alex Hundert, and the second was to press the defamation charges against KAK. As you, my readers, already know- the story is long and complex.

The police officer I spoke with felt the same- and, at first, was very reluctant to want to press charges. It took all of the skills I learned about dealing with bureaucracy when I lived in Russia to get them to take action. Finally, after a lot of back-and-forth, I looked up the criminal code on my phone and quoted the relevant articles. From this point, they had no choice but to proceed.

They took a short statement from me, and filed report #4337840. They wrote this down on a piece of paper used for telephone messages (seen in the picture above). The next step is that I have to write-out a document detailing what happened, including links and printouts of the information I have. I will be delivering that to the police station tomorrow.

The strange thing is that they couldn’t find any record of Alex in their computers! This is truly bizarre- is he using a pseudonym? Has the G20 case against him been closed? Or, perhaps is Alex Hundert is a cop and his whole story is made-up? This has strange parallels to how Dave Vasey’s records disappeared when he showed-up to court! Something seems rotten in Toronto…

Later yesterday I heard more details of the ‘evidence’ KAK issued against me to people at Occupy Toronto. Apparently she shared printouts of screenshots from her Facebook page where I wrote sexually harassing things about her.

This is great news! I never did such a thing, and Facebook NEVER erases anything from their records, and have historically been very willing to share their records with the police! So, it seems that Krystalline is in some very big trouble…

So, Krystalline, I will be writing a very detailed report for the police today. I’ve already burned the video of your defaming me onto a DVD for them, and I will be submitting all of this information at the end of the day tomorrow. Once I have submitted this information, my offer to withdraw charges will no longer be in effect.

So, can I recommend you take this last opportunity to write an apology for what you have done to me? I only offer this chance to you because you are a fellow Occupier, and I’d rather nobody else gets hurt out of this movement (despite how you have hurt me). That said, if you don’t apologize now, you are obviously not worth this sort of respect.

Krazy Krystalline Kraus


12 responses to “I’ve Filed a Criminal Complaint Against Krystalline Kraus & Alex Hundert…

  1. You make me sick.

    You say you are an activist, and you attack, harass and then turn the cops on activists?

    I can only hope for your sake that you are in the employ of some right wing group, and are being paid to sabotage this movement. At least then, you would be doing your job well. Because if you think your disgusting behavior is helping, then you are a sad, confused little man.

    • When people use violence against me, slander me, and threaten to file false charges against me- of course I turn the cops on them. That is what the police are here for. Silly!

      You’re a sick puppy Octavian. Why don’t you throw-out your balaclava and join the real (sane) world). You may just find that cooperation works better than blind anger and black clothing…

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  3. Sick of Narcissistic Liars

    Please keep us informed as to what happens. There seems to be others who are considering the same type of action.

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