The People of Occupy Vancouver are Waking Up!

If you ever wondered about what is going on at Occupy Vancouver these days- I believe that this posting on the Occupy Vancouver! Facebook page says it all…

You may also want to read my story about how Harsha Walia’s Black Bloc friends hijacked Occupy Vancouver way back in November.


One response to “The People of Occupy Vancouver are Waking Up!

  1. Since the end of February 2012, students from Quebec (Canada) have been engaged in a strike of historical proportions. This strike is against a tuition fee hike of $1625 over 5 years ($325 per year) instigated by the current liberal government and representing a 75% increase over the current fees. On March 22nd, a huge demonstration gathered 200 000 protesters. Two months later, 180 000 students are still on strike.
    Yet, the government does nothing. Worse, while demanding that the student associations condemn rare and random acts of violence committed during some protests, the government forces have themselves demonstrated extreme violence towards peaceful protesters:
    – Following judicial injunctions, Universities have been the theatre of various acts of intimidation, verbal abuse and physical violence perpetrated within University buildings by private security forces. Various students and professors have been brutalised.
    – On April 19, 150 people were arrested during a protest march against the injunction aimed at the striking students from the «Université du Québec en Outaouais». Several students present during the events were in shock as they reported the gratuitous violence they witnessed against their fellow supporters, which included senior citizens.
    – During a protest on April 20 at the North Plan conference being held at the Congress Center, approximately 17 arrests were made, serious acts of violence took place and many people were injured.
    Within four days, around 400 arrests have been made in the province of Quebec in relation to the strike movement.
    Given such a violent police response to what has been a fairly peaceful student protest,
    Given the fact that the government’s response to the student movement has been one of disdain and a refusal to negotiate inadmissible in a functional democracy,
    Given that peaceful demonstrations are a right, and that the health of a democracy is directly related to its ability to accept and respect dissent,
    LET US SIGN THIS PETITION TO END A POLICE REPRESSION THAT SHAMEFULLY FLIES IN THE FACE OF DEMOCRACY and is unwarranted with respect to a student movement that remains essentially a political conflict rather than a judicial exercise.