Rogers Wireless Gone Wild!

So, yesterday evening I wrote how it looked as if things were going well with Rogers. They had reactivated my phone, and I had a voicemail from the office of their president! Sounded like we were on the right track, yes? Well, not quite. I woke-up early today, walked out of the house to get some coffee and realized that they have once again deactivated my phone!

What is wrong with this company- are they institutionally stupid? Or, perhaps, is this some sort of retaliation for how I used a Dr Evil image for my last article? Either way, they aren’t showing me that @RogersHelps

I called Roger’s ‘Customer Service’ to inform them of the problem, and to tell them I will not be able to call their El Presidente if my phone has been disabled.  I got Adam (employee #644650) on the phone- his suggestion was that I use a pay phone to call their Office of the President. Say What?

Rogers- adding insult to injury…

I’ll update you later today if I ever get a call from someone with a brain. I sure hope so, but it seems more unlikely each time I talk with Rogers. Until then, can you help me with the planning with my viral video?

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