Alex Hundert Forsakes Homeless Occupiers!

Alex, despite his court order not to go to activist events, magically appeared at the eviction today. He’s been stalking me since October- first online, and now this is the third time he has appeared to interfere with me. I applaud his braveness for showing-up, but am seriously disappointed by his lack of will to make a simple phone call..

It was a simple request, one I never thought Alex would deny. All I asked of him was to use his contacts to get someone from the media to come and document the illegal eviction of homeless occupiers who moved to behind Osgoode Hall yesterday. Alex was accompanied by his sidekick, and fellow member of the Black Bloc, Jessica Enyar (why couldn’t she have called the media for Alex?)

Can you believe that Alex is so lost in his partisan political idiocy he decided to forsake the needs of Occupy Toronto’s homeless community? To put it directly- Alex, you disgust me!

It is time for the activist to tell Alex to get his shit together. His hate, criminal violence, and general negativity only escalate situations- I put a lot of the responsibility for the bad things that happened at the G20 directly as his responsibility. Muppets like Alex are a danger to us all…

If only Alex were so lovable!


18 responses to “Alex Hundert Forsakes Homeless Occupiers!

  1. Thats one psychotic guy if i ever did see one. He cant calmy talk wirhout escalating to a violent state. He needs help, imo.

    • Apparently, Mr Hundert thinks that beating up on defenseless windows and travelling packs makes him a tough guy. But in reality, he’d defecate himself if he ever encountered someone who did something so simple as fight back.

      • What was funny yesterday was how Alex Null called out to a 5′ tall woman who he thought was a security guard to try and get her to remove me. I thought he had a problem with security forces? Guess not, at least, not when they are working for him!

        First he refuses to help the homeless, then he calls security on me- hypocrisy squared. #MassiveFail by young Alex (the prisoner soon to be known as 655321).

  2. you are such a shit disturber.

  3. you tried to entrap me into assisting a demonstration, after having already tried to have my bail revoked… you’re a predator and a fool greg. go home.

    • No, Alex, I was asking for you to make a phone call, or to share a media contact to help these people…

      Your first reaction was to say you wouldn’t help because of my presence- so incredibly immature. How old are you, 12?

      I hear that you were seen talking to the media after I left. Typical psychopathic behaviour of you today Alex- and, cheap of you to talk to the media after we no longer needed them…

    • And, will you please stop stalking me? You’re getting a bit too Michael MadLove for comfort…

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  5. the eggman

    ” … How old are you, 12? … ”

    Greg, i am afraid that this comment is quite insulting… to 12 year olds, as 12 years olds are far more intelligent , far smarter, have superior reasoning and thinking ability than this pathetic fool. Mind you , a single celled creature would far surpass hun-dirts level of intelligence and sophistication.

  6. greg – you’re beyond creepy.

    • And, Vanja Krajina, you are a member of a violent group of cowardly thugs named Aw@l- so, a bit biased I’d suggest. I’d also suggest that you were lying when you said the police made a racial slur against you. Perhaps not- but, with the company you keep, most likely…

  7. violent agression=small cahonas

    Alex is an angry boy who never grew up. I suggest he take up hiking, jogging or anger management classes before he blows up and gives himself an aneuryism.
    Be careful though Greg, you know what they say about poking a bear with a stick…

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