Another Indication Occupy Toronto Has Been Infiltrated…

An interesting posting from the Occupy Is An Inside Job Facebook Page I thought I’d share. Please share your thoughts with us…


11 responses to “Another Indication Occupy Toronto Has Been Infiltrated…

  1. Ive talked on the phone with Mike once and he seemed to have the pursuit of truth in his heart. I suppose we shall see in the end.

  2. Lord Pori Pori

    Especially interesting since Bryan Batty deleted all Livestream videos at a later date.

    • Lord Pori Pori

      That being said, it’s probably a good thing that squat never happened.

    • Livestream videos were deleted due to bandwidth and server space.

      Also the Design Exchange approached members of occupy TO’s facilitation – not including me. TSX does not own the DX. I also felt a little hesitant, and concerned. But the event did bring forward good ideas, however OT is incapable of actually implementing ideas.

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