George Soros Promotes New World Order, China & the G20!

So, how does it turn-out that he is the darling of the far-left? Do they believe in these goals, or are they simply prostituting themselves for how he funds their activities? Does he believe in their goals, or is he just paying them off?


2 responses to “George Soros Promotes New World Order, China & the G20!

  1. Seriously?

    He sends the far left a little money to cause trouble and create volatility in the market. Then he shorts the market and makes billions. That makes the far left recipients agents of capitalism. It truly has a certain twisted beauty lol. He didn’t get to the wealth he has by being truly left wing. He doesn’t stay wealthy by being left wing either.

    I think we can both agree on this. Neither of us are George Soros fans. 🙂

    • I’ve got information a couple days ago that the TIDES Foundation is processing funding the anti Barrick Gold organization. This is deeply troubling because Soros owns a good chunk of Barrick!

      I’m working now on an investigation as to Soros’ intention here. Could it be that he uses the demonstrators to devalue Barrick and then buys shares? Interesting…