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Phil Donahue Discusses America’s War Mentality… (with a special poll!)

I’m still not sold on Ron Paul- his position on gun ownership and social services are counter to my beliefs. That said, the idea of going to war with Iran scares the bejezus out of me- not a very good idea…

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What Was Blackwater’s Involvement at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

Why am I posting a video about Blackwater (now known as Xe)? Because, they are an evil company. But, also because they were hired to provide security services at the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver!

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The Fox News View of Occupiers

The Fox News View of Occupiers

A Funny Video About Occupy Toronto

I’m unsure about the intentions of the person who made this video- so, this is not an endorsement. But, we are a healthier society if we can occasionally laugh at ourselves- and, I figured a lot of you would like to see this. So, enjoy!

George Soros Promotes New World Order, China & the G20!

So, how does it turn-out that he is the darling of the far-left? Do they believe in these goals, or are they simply prostituting themselves for how he funds their activities? Does he believe in their goals, or is he just paying them off?

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Fukushima Gets Worse- Potential “China Syndrome”

Really, people, not much is more important than what is happening in Japan right now. As I’ve said before, this will one day be viewed as the greatest crime against humanity in our lifetime…

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Occupy Toronto Re-Occupies Osgoode Hall!

I was at the Grange Park on Sunday evening talking with the homeless occupiers about their plans to move- as posted on the above eviction notice, they had to move-out the next day. The told my they were planning to re-occupy the space they were at in January & February- behind Osgoode Hall.

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