ProtestBarrick.Net: An Example of How Soros Could Profit From Activism

Today I’m going take a momentary break from discussing the Robocall rallies and will shift into a different discussion about George Soros & the TIDES foundation–  a look into how Soros could make large profits from the activities of environmental activists!

Cashflow for Soros/TIDES Foundation Money Laundering

Organizations whose activities don’t qualify as ‘charitable’ for tax reasons are able to still issue tax receipts through one of the services provided by TIDES. Basically, this service is a money laundering operation that acts as a loophole to provide tax receipts.

Here’s how it works. A donor will give their money to TIDES but earmarked for StopBarrick. TIDES use their charitable status to give a tax receipt to the donor, and they then relay the money to StopBarrick. It’s a simple solution- if not a bit dishonest. Because, after all, the taxpayer ends up paying the bill!

ProtestBarrick uses this loophole to give tax receipts to their donors through TIDES. Interestingly, George Soros is also a major shareholder in Barrick Gold! So, if Soros is aware of this, and he has an influence on the TIDES Foundation, why would he allow this to happen?

How Soros could profit from funding

The explanation could be simple. Each time ProtestBarrick executes a successful demonstration against Barrick Gold the value of the company’s stock will reduce- perhaps only by a few percentage points, but this is enough to generate great savings for people who plan to buy Barrick stock.

Today’s price of Barrick Gold is $40.73 USD. Let’s say that ProtestBarrick conduct a successful demonstration against Barrick’s operations in the Dominican Republic that cause a 5% drop in the value of Barrick for that day, bringing the price down to $38.70. Then, Soros purchases 5 million shares of Barrick, and rather than paying the original price of $203,650,000 he now pays $193,500,000. In this case, Soros would save $10,150,000- that’s quite a lot of money!

This, of course, is a theoretical number. There are people right now who are actively researching the correlation between Soros’ investment/divestment in Barrick shares and the activities of ProtestBarrick- as soon as they announce their findings I will make sure you hear about them. That said, I think you can understand where the conflict-of-interest is here…

Considering this my dear readers, I’d like to hear your opinion on this issue. Has the activist community been duped by a more shrewd and sophisticated rival here? Is it okay for us to continue taking money and support from Soros? Or, is it time to MoveOn and finally free ourselves from the 1%?


11 responses to “ProtestBarrick.Net: An Example of How Soros Could Profit From Activism

  1. brotherwolf1

    Greg, I think there needs to be a defining line between the term “activist” and ” protestor” . In my view an activist is a persons who uses the existing means in place to evoke positive change to an existing issue , to raise awareness through education, research, articulate presentation and followup. A protestor is one who , well , protests everything but has no clear message , no clear direction and no clear vision for change. This is something we , sadly , see far too often, and the unfortunate byproduct is a public who is not always able to make that clear distinction between the two. The actions of one often contaminate the actions of the other. I am not using any one specific example to demonstrate this point , simply suggesting that to first answer your question of : ” … Has the activist community been duped by a more shrewd and sophisticated rival here?… ” I think we may need to define what the differences are between the two .

  2. victoria farquhar

    Before defining the differences between the two, start with correct spelling. It is “protester”, not “protestor”. Strangely this misspelling is widespread in most media.

    • Victoria, I believe that either is correct – depends on which side of the pond you are from. And, in Canada, we are confused about that…

  3. Interesting stuff, you’ve done some of the better reporting on the Soros connection that I’ve seen so far, keep it up !

  4. YouKnowWho

    Holy moses! I heard Sakira Saunders was in-deep with these people but I had no idea how deep! Will the people of OccTor finally figure out that she is playin’ them?

    • Just wait until the rest of this story comes out- you’ll be uber-surprised! 😉 (shame these people can’t just apologise and move on)

  5. Greg,

    Only though the Occupy Toronto ban, Have I learned who you were. This lead me to read further (since you did make very interesting points). Your website and blogging have been very informative to me, allowing myself to find out information I did not know, and research the details for myself. I hope you know that your efforts are appreciated for exposing the truth and the ‘1%’ behind the occupy movement. I shall be checking back frequently.

    -Code: E

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