Document From Last Night’s Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob


This is what happens when a minority at Occupy Toronto decide that free speech is no longer tolerable. I particularly like the part about how it is wrong for me to criticise Black Bloc– says it all…

I should add a correction to their lies here- NOBODY has ever been banned from Occupy Vancouver, so this is a lie.

Tezporah Berman said recently that “the scariest thing I have ever done was to speak out against the NDP.” They even sent Macdonald Stainsby after her, and he setup a special website against her. Sounds familiar- they even sent the same attack dog after me!

Regardless, yesterday’s meeting was a rogue group of people who changed the voting rules to 90% on their own- despite being blocked at the GA. So, as usual, the only way these people get their way is by cheating and manipulating the story and excluding me from being able to defend myself!

When people in the group yesterday said I should be able to defend myself Sakura lied and said I have had that opportunity. She plays dirty, doesn’t she? The truth is that I was given less than 2 minutes to respond to 2 hours of accusations. The ghost of Joseph Stalin must have been chuckling at that moment!



4 responses to “Document From Last Night’s Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob

  1. head is still shaking over reading this

    The simple fact is that no single person or group of persons, can ban anyone from public events and public spaces unless those persons wishing to enact a ban have absolute LEGAL authority to enact same. Further, any use of force to try and remove a person is grounds from criminal charges to be laid. I really think this need to be seriously re-thought as this is a violation of so many rights , freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom for lawful assembly.

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