Krystalline Kraus Continues To Show Her True Colours!

If you have a read through this thread it quickly becomes obvious that Krystalline hasn’t learned her lesson about making false attacks on others. After the, many, incidents I’ve shown I can now say with confidence that this is her modus operandi. And, considering still keeps publishing her stories, can we not agree that they too are complicit?
Evil, dark, selfish people…
  • A copy of the article for Celina Dycke to see/read concerning First Nations and Occupy relations.

    krystalline kraus is an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly into the democratic fray.
      • Celina Dycke Krystalline Kraus, WHEN have you and I EVER had a discussion in regards to First Nations rights? You have no idea what my opinions on the subject are! What does this have anything to do with the letter that you wrote about me claiming that I am racist and sexist???

      • Krystalline Kraus You ridiculed First Nation traditional culture re: the Sacred Fire.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine If it is for her to read, you should have private messaged her, no? I imagine that you’re looking to attempt yet another public vilification of someone. This seems to be your Modus Operandi, Krystalline.

      • Celina Dycke Which is it Krystalline? Krystalline Kraus In fact, in your post – and yes, I have the screen shot, you were ridiculing another First Nation activist. I find this behaviour unacceptable and I will stand up for my community.
        45 minutes ago · Likeor now as you claim: I ridiculed the sacred fire.I am sick and tired of your lies and attacks. Back it up with your “proof” because I am now taking this extremely seriously.

      • Celina Dycke Krystalline are you fucking kidding me???? I responded that you are still able to use a BBQ in response to the person that said that it was now illegal. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A SACRED FIRE!

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine November 9th? That’s the same fire you ridiculed to me, KK, because it was a “sick” fire not sanctioned by the clanmothers.

      • Krystalline Kraus You’re completely right, Su, he first fire that was lit was not sanctioned. But that was put out and a new fire lit.

      • Celina Dycke So….Krystalline, once again WHERE DID I EVER RIDICULE ANYTHING FIRST NATIONS?????

      • Krystalline Kraus If you consider a Sacred Fire something you can BBQ anything on, then fine, but I say that is a racist interpretation. What a Sacred Fire is and why itt is Sacred to First Nation communities has been explained time and time again. If you don’t want to listem, then fine.

      • Krystalline Kraus BUT the article posted above explains it.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine So, your ridicule is perfectly acceptable. Ok, got it.

      • Krystalline Kraus There was a Sacred Fire at Occupy Vancouver, as well, just to remind folks.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine ‎(PS, Celina, it was the original poster that was comparing a sacred fire to a BBQ and KK is misconstruing that)

      • Krystalline Kraus It was lit against traditional protocol by mistake, easily fixed. But that was the Sacred Fire in Toronto. The Sacred Fire at Occupy Vancouver also burned.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine and I quote:
        “I AM Standing with the FIRST NATIONS of Canada! This is unacceptable! The Vancouver Fire Dept & cops put out the sacred FIRE! THERE IS NO RESPECT!!!!! EVERY CANADIAN SHOULD BE UP IN ARMS!!! You no longer have any RIGHT to light a campfire – your FIREPLACE – or cook on your BARBECUE!!!!!!!”

      • Celina Dycke Yes I realize that and if anyone takes the time to read the link she has provided they will see what a blatant lier and manipulator Krystalline is.

      • Krystalline Kraus But like I said, If someone wants to consider a Sacred Fire something you can BBQ anything on, then fine, but I say that is a racist interpretation. What a Sacred Fire is and why itt is Sacred to First Nation communities has been explained time and time again. If you don’t want to listem, then fine.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Right, so you should be chewing out the OP, not Celina.

      • Krystalline Kraus And if Celina and Suzy would like to give a teaching on FN Sacred Fires, they are free to do so.

      • Celina Dycke Krystalline are you having a conversation with yourself? Are you hoping that people will be too lazy to read the link that you providedd and just take your word? What the hell is wrong with you????

      • Krystalline Kraus Please feel free and give us a teaching on FN Sacred Fires, Celina.

      • Celina Dycke Please feel free to back up you malaicious lies Krystalline!Also, I am not qualified to give teachings on FN Sacred Fires nor have I ever claimed to be able to do so.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine This shit just cracks my ass up. Seriously, you should hear me laughing. I have tears, man. Tears.

      • Celina Dycke Not me, I am beyond disgusted right now!

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Gallows humour? Honestly, at this point all you can do is laugh at KK. Her sense of logic is absolutely hilarious. There’s really no point in taking her seriously anymore, barely anyone does.

      • Celina Dycke Then why are people condoning and supporting her abhorrent behaviour?ONCE AGAIN KRYSTALLINE IF YOU ARE GOING TO ACCUSE ME OF RACISM AND SEXISM YOU SURE AS HELL HAD BETTER BACK IT UP.What you have provided does not do so.

      • Krystalline Kraus So you’re really commenting on something you don’t know anything about? You’re just relying on what, stereotypes?

      • Bryan Taylor Going by the link you posted, Krystalline, it should be quite clear to anyone capable of reading that Celina did not, even remotely, compare the sacred fire to a BBQ.

      • Celina Dycke I am commenting on your accusations against me and I am stating that no time did I ever engage in the lies you are spreading about me.Thank you Bryan, this has been going on for a long time now.Krystalline you are ruining your own credibility and exposing your lack of integrity.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Please everyone, stop supporting cultures because KK thinks you’re stereotyping and therefore you must be racist, ok? This will bring forth a metric fuckton of bullshit in the future.

      • Celina Dycke Krystalline Kraus you owe an apology to all the people that you have lied to and to all the people you have lied about. I am willing to accept your apology. Waiting….

      • Krystalline Kraus Ha! I smell a troll pile on coming up!

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Yes, that’s right. You’re a troll if you have a differing opinion. What an insult to trolls everywhere.

      • Krystalline Kraus Because I’m really not going to waste my time answering Suzy’s comment by explaining why no one should rely on stereotypes as authentic info about a culture and relying on stereotypes is a bad way to be in solidarity . Hense the problems at Occupy Toronto and Occupy Vancouver I write about in my article above

      • Celina Dycke Krystalline you have engaged in lies and your name calling does not erase that fact.

      • Celina Dycke P.S. that smell you are smelling is your rancid character.

      • Bryan Taylor She’s attempting to deflect, the sure sign of a person who knows they are wrong but cannot admit it. The only person here who fits the troll MO at the moment is you, Krystalline.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Indeed, Bryan. Delphi in action.Also, Krystal is just as indigenous to Canada as I am. So, is she “stereotyping” as well?

      • Celina Dycke Krystalline please point out where I was relying on any type of a stereotype. If you have the time to engage in malicious slander than you must back it up.

      • Red Forneri Krystalline Kraus rocks, you are all so wrong and need to step back and take a break before you add anymore fuel to a fire that’s not burning.

      • Brotherwolf Wolf Bryan, reading comprehension is not a requirement for grade school journalism. Look at the source to ascertain the credibility of the story. Celina, don’t loose sleep over this. She is clearly living in an alternate universe where facts are not nearly as important as a good story fabricated to creative divisions and animosity.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Red, reading comprehension… do you have it?

      • Celina Dycke Red, take some time to actually READ what has been written. If you are too lazy to do that then you are the one who needs to take a step back, before you are lumped into the stupidity that is Kraus.

      • Krystalline Kraus Sorry all, I brought the Occupy Is An Inside Job conspiracy theory ypeople over here. My bad! I mean, apparently, we’re UN -funded Indigenous people (I’m Saami) and apparently the UN is the New World Order government and is trying to take over the world.And its Native who are funded by New World Order secret societies who are trying to hyjack Occupy.

      • Celina Dycke What in the world does your above comment have anything to do with what you are accusing me of Krystalline. Once again, could you please provide factual evidence that I am racist and sexist and engage in the usage of stereotypes. Thank you.

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Saami is indigenous to the Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russian region, not to Turtle Island. So, like I said, you’re just as indigenous as I am.

      • Krystalline Kraus You’re right, Red, feeding the trolls only makes them shit everywhere later. See ya on the streets!

      • Fräulein Suzy Divine Oh and thanks for the plug!

        freedom doesn’t come with more rules
      • Fräulein Suzy Divine

        We were all excited when the Occupy movement started as we believed we could be See More
      • Brotherwolf Wolf

        Krystalline Kraus , the trouble is that you are not even close to relating actual facts when you make accusations about people, and further, you seemingly ad nauseum try to stir things up with people to garner support for you and what ever you wish people to believe. What you fail to comprehend is that people are far smarter than you wish to credit them as being and these same people do, for the most part, have the intellectual capacity to see through your viciousness and grandiose fabrications. It is,YOU Krystalline , who wants to dive occupy and your antics at a recent general meeting clearly showed this to be the case. If you want support for the causes you are very close to, might i respectfully suggest that you refrain from alienating those who can not on ly contribute , but would very much wish to be allies, the very same allies that you are exclusing for your own agendas.
      • Ronald Parsons Wow, Krystalline – talk about a straw man argument. I would expect nothing less from a RABBLE writer…

      • Red Forneri ‎@ Celina Dyce , that’s a conservative line, attack those with poor writing skills so to diss them and write them off, but heh my friend, I don’t claim to be anything other than what I post here. Good Day!

      • Bryan Taylor Wow, this is just pathetic now. Krystalline, are you really this incapable of simply admitting you read something incorrectly and apologising for the mistake you made as a result?

      • Ronald Parsons And for what it’s worth, OccupyTO has been overridden by borderline fanatical first nations activists. Calling DAVID KHAN!

      • Celina Dycke Red, once again, READ what has been written.

      • Celina Dycke

        In case there are people out there who come across this and do not take the time to read the link that was provided by Krystalline Kraus in her never-ending crusade to villify myself and others I will post an excerpt from it:Celina Dycke And I still stand by my first response to your post. Don’t dramatize or sensationalise the travesty that occured in regard to the sacred fire!
        November 9, 2011 at 2:44am · Like · 1

13 responses to “Krystalline Kraus Continues To Show Her True Colours!

  1. Rabble fully supports this woman. After she published a slandorous letter about me on the Rabble site I wrote an e-mail to her editors asking for an apology and a retraction. The letter was removed but I never recieved a follow up e-mail.

    I then discover that Krystalline is slinging her lies and gossip about myself on the former Occupy/Discussion group that I was not a part of. Upon joining that group to defend my character I was then ganged up on by some members in that group, had more lies made up about me, and was banned from that page.

    I was sent a private message by the administrator of that page who banned me, saying that while I may not have done anything wrong, it was in the best interest of the group as a whole if I were not welcomed. He then went on to tell me that Krystalline had said that in the early days of OTME, I had attended an event and had made people fearful of me because of my aggression and innapropriate behaviour. Funny thing is that first of all I am a small woman and Krystalline is three times my size in both height and width. Second of all, due to lack of child care I have NEVER attended an OTME event/workshop/meeting EVER! So that is yet again, another blatant lie and vicious rumor that Krauss has spread about myself.

    After she, once again, publicly tried to defame my character, this time on the OTME page, I once again wrote an e-mail to the Rabble editors voicing my concerns. To this day I have never heard anything from them.

    Krystalline Krauss is a very dangerous woman. If she does not like someone for whatever reason she chooses she embarks on a smear campaign. Please note; I have never even met this woman or conversed with her other than when defending myself from her malicious accusations. The worst part is that she actually has an army of people surronding her that refuse to listen, read, or critically reflect on the lies she is spreading, even when the facts have been shoved right in their face they still insist on enabling her to destroy peoples characters and often participate in the gossip and lies themselves. The Occupy movement has brought out a lot of ugliness in people and has highlighted the need to be ever vil

  2. * to be ever vigilant to not fall into group think and cult like mentality. To engage in mob mentality and bully behaviour is not a movement that I would ever be proud of being associated with.

    Lastly, I would also like to say that because of the lies that have first originated by Krauss I have now had other people bullying me and lying about events and or words that I have supposedly said. Yet, no one is ever able to copy and paste for me these horrible comments they accuse me of. I have also been warned/threatened by someone using the alias of “Rainbow Son” that if I were to attend anything OTME related I would not be safe.

    Greg, thank you for exposing what Krystalline is guilty of. This should never be allowed to continue, but sadly, those who support her would rather lose their integrity and moral worth to support someone who has ‘connections’ and who they believe may offer them something.

  3. An open letter to the editor of

    FYI – You describe krystalline kraus as “an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly into the democratic fray.”
    Well I beg to differ, having watched this blond bully over the course of a few years on the streets of Toronto and the course of the controlled opposition exercise commonly known as the Occupy Toronto movement I have come to the conclusion this hulk of a woman is a far way from being a reporter or a journalist and as a real activist in the city I can tell you straight up she is certainly not one of us.

    Not only do I and others question her journalistic integrity, I have very grave doubts to her over all sanity! My first clue was on day one of the occupation in St. James Park when I approached her as a fellow journalist and blogger, I introduced myself even though I knew full well she knew who I was and asked her “As a journalist, does not the complete lack of transparency around this movement concern you?” Well I was completely floored by the response I got. Even though we were in a public park with a couple of thousand other people she jumped back and shouted “Go Away, You’re invading my safe space with your aggressive language !” At first I thought she was pulling my leg, but sadly she was not. “In what universe is that question aggressive?” I asked. At that point she just stood back and let he male companion who was half her size play the knight in shining armor and stand up to me. All I could do was laugh and walk away much to her smaller friends relief I’m sure.
    In the weeks that followed I have watched her engage in a very public smear campaign against myself and others. Blindly support the leaders of the so called leaderless movement, Bully people out of the movement, sling false accusations of racism and sexism at innocent people and show a blatant disregard for the truth and honesty.
    On top of the Lies and slander she flings at anyone who might question the honesty or sincerity of the leaders of the fake occupy movement, Krystalline also spends a good amount of time and effort in causing derision and conflict between the native factions and the white Canadians. Although she tries to pass herself off as a native Canadian in reality she is as native as my Irish grandmother. However this does not stop her from stirring the racist conflict pot and using your rag to it.

    It’s one thing for her to use a social networking site like facebook to spew her lies and slander at honest hard working and well respected activists. but quite another when your rag lends it’s legitimacy to her. Your reporting on the Occupy movement is skewed and warped because your so called intrepid explorer is one of the key people perpetrating this hoax on the public.

    Any legitimacy your publication may have ever had is now gone due to the way this insane woman has represented your interests concerning the Occupy movement.

    ===Lawrence McCurry===

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  5. KKK (Krazy Krystalline Krust) stole my Kool-Aid

    Seems like her giant lips are always open and flapping, and her mouth too!

  6. She’s just a pathological liar- fortunately, the world is learning the truth about Krystalline. I doubt she will be getting away with too much more of this in the future…

    • The thing that I can not fathom is how in the hell did she ever become a “journalist?” And how do people, after reading her dribble, praise her? They blow so much smoke up her butt that she often appears bloated.

      Krustylline does not even have one iota of talent, is as useless as a lump on a log at marches and rallies, and upon hearing her speak, especially of herself, it is apparent that this “humble” hulk is nothing more than a narcissistic ogre.

      Even her lies are old and lame, always the same boring accusations and rhetoric. For someone who is supposedly a wordsmith, she certainly lacks creativity and flare.

      • Obviously it doesn’t take much talent to become one of Judy Rebick’s attack dogs. Sad to see someone as young as KK burn-out at such an early age…

  7. P.S. I hope you are right, Genuinewitty, and that people do see who she really is, but I wouldn’t bet on it 😦

  8. Now that’s KARMA 😀

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