Occupy Is Neither Left or Right, But a Movement For Us All!

Left or right, ideologies will be the death of us...

Occupy’s purpose was to bring the 99% together for a conversation about how we can build a better world for all. We were never meant to be a movement of the left or right. Nor was Occupy to be about the establishment on either side…

The movement was about bringing together both sides to work on equitable solutions for all of the 100%. (the 1% are welcome if they wish to contribute). Such an exciting proposition!

The last unique attraction of the Occupy movement is that it proposes an opportunity to make serious change to the system without the use of violence. This is important- because, without the intention of non-violence, occupy is unlikely to attract the 99% as most of us abhor violence in all of its forms.

So what’s gone wrong with the Occupy movement?

From the beginning, I’ve noticed that people have been working hard to define the meaning of the movement- and, all too often, their definition comes from their own personal ‘isms’. We have Socialists, Communists and Capitalists all trying to squeeze the meaning of the movement into their own moulds.

Unfortunately, all too many of them have lost site of the meaning of the movement. And, when someone disagrees with their ‘ism’, people often decide that the only reasonable action is to denounce them for not being a ‘true’ occupier.

As you can imagine, this can be completely disheartening to many- and, it is this rigid adherence to established trains of thought that is currently in the process of killing us.

As an Ethicist, I don’t judge the world by left & right- instead, I decide on my values using the measures of right and wrong. Unfortunately, this seems to get me into a lot of trouble. If I criticise ideas of the left I’ll get accused of being a conservative hack , and if I criticise ideas of the right I’m called a crazy hippie.

Viewing the world outside of established “isms” can be a lonely existence…

So, what’s an Occupier to do? Stand true to your values, and don’t let either side bully you into accepting their “isms”. If we let the old-guard left or right set our values, there really isn’t any value in joining the movement. That said, if we can all stand-tall, work together, and try hard to find a middle ground- ultimately, we will make this movement a success.

There is a reason that the Occupy movement has bloomed- let’s not forget it. Left and right together, we will find a way to make this world a just and equitable place for all…


4 responses to “Occupy Is Neither Left or Right, But a Movement For Us All!

  1. Difficult to define, means it is self directed. What standards do you imply in your judgment of how Occupy Toronto should be defined?

  2. Seriously?

    You don’t get to define your movement. We the people do. How you chose to define it is not nearly as important as how the population your attempting to communicate with defines it.

  3. Seriously?

    I think most people view the movement as being something that, if it didn’t start that way, has been moved farther radically left to the point of unworkable. I think main stream Canada see it as another arm of the G20 thing with a strong link to domestic small “t” terrorists, anarchists and generally the kind of social movements we would never vote for let alone follow. I don’t think it is seen by many outside of the movement as anything other than an interesting idea that ended when the winter came. Now it’s just a bit of a distraction to all but those active promoters of it. It lacks any tangible momentum.