Getting The Truth Out On Sun News! (of all places…)

As I’ve said a few times before, I have trepidations about Sun News- that said, gotta get the truth out where you can!


6 responses to “Getting The Truth Out On Sun News! (of all places…)

  1. I would not brag about being on that idiot’s broadcast. He was a bigger moron than the occutards!

    • Well, wherever I can get the story out at this point. Dave Vasey and his crowd are dangerous, and need to be stopped at all costs!

  2. Sun News never show any of the positive interviews they shoot, those get thrown away in the editing room.

    This guy is gross. Maybe he got the anal itching every time someone tried to pull the tremendous stick out of his ass? Anyways, sorry for having to type that but this guy is a complete boor. Good job wrangling the bull#^$%
    and getting out there despite the bozos.

  3. bonnibrai

    Ha ! Gotta love the Menzoid on this one.Lighten up folks it’s comedy.

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