No Wonder They Are Having So Many Problems In Montreal!

I’ve been told by people on the ground in Montreal that the majority of students demonstrating there are, if not misguided, good & peaceful people- unlike these idiots who are teasing the police with doughnuts.

It is a shame for all of the good people that there are idiots like these rattling the tiger’s cage and pissing-off the police….


8 responses to “No Wonder They Are Having So Many Problems In Montreal!

  1. I was wondering if Montreal would ever hit your radar…….

    • It is there, and after a long conversation last night, I have an important story to write about what is happening over there. Stay-tuned!

  2. Well, I am here too, and have been to most of the protests, not to mention watching the tuition issue unfold for the 18 months.

    • I’ve not written too much about Montreal because I’m not there, and I don’t have the full story. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

      I’m getting the feeling that the small percentage of students demonstrating are going to get screwed from this. It is great they have decided to stand-up for something they care about- but at what cost?

      So, my perception is that they are ‘useful idiots’ being manipulated for the means of the people stirring them up. Is this correct?

  3. It is so freakin’ complicated out here. It sort of like the results of a meth addicted spider trying to spin a Gordian Knot…..

  4. But yes, there are potentially a lot of students who will be used as cover and cannon fodder.

  5. Protesting is for losers, the stupid and the evil.

    All protesters should be arrested, charged with a felony, convicted and do a year in jail.

    Protesting accomplishes nothing.

    Censorship is stupid.

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