Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem! (so do the Council of Canadians & Van Media Co-Op)

Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians (also known as Mr Taco!)

NOTE: The title of this article is based on an article that was quite popular during the early days of Occupy Vancouver: Occupy’s Asshole Problem

I’ve written about this issue before. Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians has been involved in vicious character attacks after Ben Pearson, a member of Occupy Vancouver, started asking questions about the Finance Committee. Then I published a video showing how a gang of people (including Irwin Oostinde of the W2 Media Center) mobbed Ben to refuse his entry to a GA.

This situation has truly one of Occupy Vancouver’s lowest moments…

Well, it appears that things are getting worse- and, once more, the Media Co-Op are showing their true colours as an organization that has a negative impact on our community when they published an article by a vicious gang who are labelling themselves as “The Circle of Protection”. The original version of the article had Ben’s picture, but it seems they have removed that now.
These are exactly the same tactics that these people used against me when I was in Vancouver.

Ben was publicly slandered again during yesterday’s May Day celebrations. But this time it appears they made a fatal mistake (much like the mistake Dave Vasey made with me yesterday)- their slander was caught by the cameras of the 5pm news broadcast!

Wow, this sounds exactly like the mudslinging that PottyMouth and Krazy Krystalline Kraus tried to pull on me at Occupy Toronto! Do the International Socialists have no imagination, or does someone put a brain-reducing formula in their red Kool-Aid?

Ben also explained a bit more about the issues with Finance at OV:

I really hope that Occupy Vancouver gets its shit together here and sorts this problem out quickly. If not, I think it should be time to bring in the police and the Canada Revenue Agency to investigate. Because, this just isn’t healthy…


4 responses to “Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem! (so do the Council of Canadians & Van Media Co-Op)

  1. The CRA should investigate all of the occupies.

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