Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild!

Here is the video of Richard Porteous making a blatantly slanderous attack on the character of a man who has asked too many questions about Occupy Vancouver’s Finance Committee. More details in my previous article: Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem


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  1. What a fucking shit-show. Excuse my language.

  2. un- fucking believable

  3. Ms. Divine

    What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  4. I am Ben Pearson, and there are a number of reasons various people of this group want to see me walk away from OV, Some in Finance because I was investigating the embezzlement allegations made in camp (and when I saw some inconsistencies and asked to look at the books, a few became very uncomfortable with me “prying” and I never got to see them, some excuse always), some in the GAC (there were a number of times we voted on more inclusive formats to the GA, certain facilitators wouldn’t follow through with the newly agreed on formats, and I called them out a few times in the middle of GA for not following consensus which led to further exclusion in the movement), and others are unfortunate survivors of abuse that were manipulated into supporting unfounded accusations. It’s a tangled web, but the community is waking up after my original accuser(who made claims for 4 months that she’s terrified of being in the same rally with me – charged at me from the stage and attempted to assault me through a circle of peacekeepers because I was video taping (with a dozen others) in her general direction! The group was asked to leave the rally by the Labour Unions after that incident. I’m starting to feel the tide shift, because they wont even acknowledge the incident happened, even though we have it recorded from a few angles.

    • Hi Ben,

      We’ve met before, and I respect who you are. A number of women & men who know you better than I have told me that you are a good man who has got caught-up in some very nasty politics. I’m sorry to hear you had to go through these attacks- trust me, I understand what it feels like…

      Time will fix these problems, and the people who compromised themselves by these silly tricks will ultimately look like fools. Keep your chin up and love yourself- many others of us are behind you.


    • Where are these other recordings your refer to? I am not going to side with either party – I am sure there is enough fault to go around – but perhaps the reason the woman lost it was because she was being filmed by someone who she has been trying to avoid/shake off. Why did she need to be filmed by you? That seems kind of like provocation.

  5. What a bunch of thugs. No wonder they have lost all credibility.

    • Indeed! But, remember, most of the people who were at Occupy Vancouver (and most occupations) don’t think/act this way. But, as always, it is an unfortunate few who screw things up for the rest of us…

  6. Since I have removed my self as far as I can for many years from money and having been released from the Mythic evil cage,by getting a pension,
    I Neglected to investigate the many ruhmours going on around,about the Finance table.Having,Controlling, Getting,Allocating,Needing,Wanting, All the things that bring Vancouver to near punch-ups,
    ,Who knows a collective realiation that the rainbow people dare I say A RAINBOW of PEOPLE havewoken up to the fact that we will bring on a new planetary peace in our times that DAY IS HERE..THE rainbow people, never had a chance to blossom. As an old time FREETHINKINGFREELOVING.It was the old scroundrels last resort.
    LONG PAST…..VICTORY COMES OUR WAY AT LAST> But dont count your chickens till they hatch ….Peace and Blessings rainbowjohnwest

    • Thanks! I love you John!

      Soon I want to start writing about ‘None of the Above’. Will be in-contact in the next couple of weeks if that works for you…

  7. Ben, please don’t be confused. Support for due process does not necessarily translate into direct support for you. Your hands aren’t exactly clean in this whole “affair”, and the reasons why some don’t want you in Occupy extend past you trying to be the noble whistleblower.

  8. Occultpie Myass

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! I am so angred by this that I am almost crying. What the hell is wrong with people? How dare they. DISGUSTING!

    You know what I find very interesting: the very same accusations and unjust attack tactics were used against the writer of this site. They stick to the same lies and the same script. Occupy has so turned me off of participating in many social justice groups as after seeing how fast people act like animals I am more comfortable to go it alone.


    Nice try James, but you are just using the same redderick that all the manipulators do when trying to discredit, bully, harrass and ostracize people within the movement. I am 99% sure that not a single one of you liars have one iota of actual concrete evidence. If you did you would have already provided it.

  9. I will urge anyone reading this not to connect the actions of this affinity group that has attacked Greg and I with Occupy Vancouver! These people are not ALL or even 10% of OV, they are barely a 1%, using the same tactics, and getting the same result. Don’t let the 1% push around and speak for the whole damn planet anymore, please, I implore people to consider OV like a community… not a singly led corporation or entity that has any central hub of power or focus. It’s all about everyone equally being able to take part in creating a better reality for us all, no matter how you say it. How can you abandon something like that to a few bad apples?

    I will stand nobly, james. There is no confusion, but maybe you should look at that word a bit more… “Noble”, and accept that it leaves room for correcting human error, unlike the group trying to impose upon my basic rights as a living, sentient, feeling and free being.

  10. Same shit happened at Toronto. Nothing good will come of this movement. Use it as a chance to be critical not just of the government but of any criticism to it, which is in reality a weakness to change things.

    Occupy confirmed that protesting is for bullies who just miss being able to shout in the school yard.

    People who actually want to change things use the media.

  11. “Soon I want to start writing about ‘None of the Above’. Will be in-contact in the next couple of weeks if that works for you”

    NOTA for a new election? !



  12. Actually, the evidence provided was provided by Ben himself on the OccupyVancouver in the form of a copy of his personal correspondence with the lady in question.
    And is as much as bullying behaviour, I am not defending the actions of that group. Technically I am defending Ben, or at least his right to due process, the same way I defended the author of this page against the letter posted about him, even though I do feel he may have stepped pretty close, if not crossed some lines.

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