Soros Funded Indigenous Environmental Network Promotes The Uprising!

One of my readers shared this video with me last night, and it is right on-target with my article about No One Is Illegal organizing armed uprisings. And, curiously, the video was created by the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)…

IEN is a TIDES Foundation funded organization with deep connections to the Occupy Movement. Their leader is Clayton Thomas-Muller- a man with a very close relationship with Judy Rebick. He also works closely with Dave Vasey & Macdonald Stainsby in the Tar Sands protests. All three of these people are active in the International Socialists.

The more I research this, the more certain it becomes- these people are up to no good and they need to be stopped…

Judy Rebick in 2005

Is this woman the ring-leader?


3 responses to “Soros Funded Indigenous Environmental Network Promotes The Uprising!

  1. Lawrence

    Is Judy Rebick the ring leader??? No she’s just one more useful idiot.

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  3. Seriously?

    I loved the rate of extinction graph. I’d like to see the raw data from 1700 that they graphed lol. Why can’t activism avoid using bullshit “data” as some sort of scientific fact. Doesn’t seem to matter what movement it is.