Derrick Soberal Arrested For Inciting A Riot In Ottawa!

I like Derrick, he’s a good guy. I’ve worked with him in the past on the Robocall Rallies, and must say that he’s a great public speaker. That said, in this case, he forgot Abbie Hoffman’s first rule for being a successful activist- don’t get caught! (His second rule is to always eat breakfast, let’s hope they fed Derrick in the pokey!)

I’d also have to say that I’m rather disappointed with Derrick’s performance in this demonstration. Even Jon Allan has stopped calling for a ‘new election now’ and has changed his tune to asking for a ‘full investigation now’. So, why has Derrick in stepped backwards and missed the boat here?

Well, it appears that the Ottawa police are less tolerant of people blocking traffic in their city. After being asked to move, and ignoring their orders, Derrick was arrested. And, apparently, the charge was for inciting a riot! I’m not sure I agree with the charges, and doubt any judge will- so, I’m guessing Derrick will be let off in the end.

A good time was had by all.. (even Derrick I bet, he loves getting arrested!)

Derrick Soberal speaks into his ‘secret agent’ watch at Toronto’s May Day parade…

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