I’ve Finally Dumped Rogers Wireless! (And how to convert your Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 for Wind Mobile)

You may remember I wrote about dumping Rogers a while ago. Well, they did fix my problem after a lot of pain- that said, their cost is still out of this world. So, I took the jump and finally dumped them for Wind!

Samsung SGS-I727 Galaxy S2 From Rogers

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE phone from Rogers. Luckily, this phone uses the same modem chip as other models that work on the T-Mobile in the US. So, to make it work, I had to take two steps: first to get the phone unlocked, and second to change the modem file…

There are a lot of options for unlocking your phone. I first went to a local phone shop who tried and failed (using software connected to the USB port.) Then, I found the most excellent company QuickPhoneUnlock.com. I went to their website, and paid $7.99 on my credit card through Paypal. They have a real-time online chat if you need to ask questions. I can’t recommend this company enough! (they do $4.99 Blackberry unlocking too!)

It took 18 hours for them to figure-out the unlock code- this is normal, as they need to use a computer (and some mathematical formulas) to hack-out the code. They sent the code to me by email the next day.)

The next step was to turn-off the phone, put in the new SIM card and turn it back on again. As soon as the phone booted I was asked to enter the unlock code. I entered the code and it worked the first time! Thank you QuickPhoneUnlock- your company is awesome! (and less expensive than the standard $20 fee!)

The next step was to upload a new modem file into the phone. First I downloaded a modem file that was originally made for the Samsung T-989. The Rogers model is a SGH-I727R, but they both use the same internal hardware. Click this link to download the file.

I then copied the file onto the phone, and used an app called ROM Manager to install, you can download it from the Google Play. Once you have installed Rom Manager, load it and Press the “Install ROM from SD Card” button:

(click to expand)

Then select the modem file you downloaded- and when it asks if you wish to reboot into “Rom Manager” do that and follow the instructions. That’s all you have to do!

My phone works beautifully now, and I don’t have the expense of buying a new one! And, most important, I finally “Washed that Rogers right out of my hair!”. And, at $40 a month for unlimited North American calls & Data, I’m laughing all the way to the bank…


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