@OccupyStasi! (or, the group formerly known as @OccupyBayStreet)

Doug Hattem: Street Preacher & Hypocrite!

One of the more disturbing moments I’ve had since I arrived in Toronto was a meeting with the ‘good’ people of @Occupy Bay Street. If the Stasi had ever adopted political correctness rules, these people would have most likely taken Erich Honecher’s place in history. Canadian Marxists are no different and/or better than their Soviet age predecessors.

They’ve told me, and dozens of other people, that they have compiled an 11-page document that outlines my sins, and the reasons for my being sent into exile from Occupy Toronto.

What they are doing is so wrong on so many levels that is boggles one’s mind. Is this the world they want to see? A world where secret reports are compiled on people? A world where people are tried & convicted while thugs like Alex Hundert keep them from entering the court? If so, it isn’t the world most of us want to live in.

After my incident at the Anglican church last Thursday, I have been busy compiling information and evidence to present to Archbishop Hiltz. I’ve been asking for a copy of their report for a couple of months now and thought I’d take one last shot at getting it today:

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I began by linking them to a story where Irwin Oostinde tried (and failed miserably) to smear me using political correctness politics. As you can see, @OccupyBayStreet just don’t understand the parallels between the Stasi and an Occupy movement compiling secret reports on people. Sad.

So I asked them, once, more, to release their report:

Their answer(s) were typical of the hateful left:

These are not good people folks. If you ever run into them- be very careful with  what you say or they may end-up twisting your words, writing secret reports and taunting you with them.

I’ll ask the Archbishop to contact them directly- see if these self-labelled religious people will come-clean before a man of god…


4 responses to “@OccupyStasi! (or, the group formerly known as @OccupyBayStreet)

  1. Occultpie Myass

    These are very sick and twisted individuals. My only hopes are that they never gain true power and that their innocent victims are able to recover from their horrendous abuses and countless manipulations.

    • Ultimately I believe myself, and their other victims will both prevail and recover. We are actively working to stop the damage and are dedicated enough to do it…

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