Will Occupy Toronto Occupy Prince Charles?

Prince Charles, looking all regal…

One week from today we will be visited by Prince Philip. I’ve heard from three sources now that there is some sort of plan to interrupt his visit. I figured there would be- but, now it seems like it is confirmed. I bet Maggie Helwig’s face is red now!

Wonder what their angle will be? Well, me too! Perhaps this screenshot is a bit of a hint!

Oh, and I wonder what their intention will be? Nobody has told me the details of what they plan- but, could it be anything like this event from last year?

Well, it appears that the Prince will be travelling around Toronto using the TTC this time- an interesting choice. I wonder how many police cars, bikes & motorcycles they will surround him with?

Stay-tuned, you know I’ll keep you all in-the-know!


5 responses to “Will Occupy Toronto Occupy Prince Charles?

  1. friends and “comrades” these people talk like communists how is it they expect people to think they are any different?

    • I think it is pretty clear to most of us that they are the International Socialists now! But, just wait- soon I will be uncovering CUPE’s place in all of this!

    • Gravy Train

      They don’t. They think we’re going to have a revolution “real soon now” and that after the revolution they’ll get fancy jobs and fancy hats and authority over the doubleplusungoodbellyfeelers.

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