An Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair- let’s hope he’s a lover and not a street fighter…

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

You have a big problem on your hands, as does the rest of the country. True, every political party has its loonies- but, the NDP’s crazies are a danger to our country…

Previous to joining the Occupy movement, I had no idea these people existed in any significant number here in Canada. I figured there were a dozen or so in each city perhaps- but they number in the hundreds. And, they are bound-and-determined to use violence to execute political change.

The problem lies with members of the NDP’s Socialist Caucus and radicalised members of some unions (CUPE, United Steelworkers and the CAW are prominent in this case). This  group are followers of Marxist/Trotskyist philosophies- meaning, that they are revolutionaries who don’t believe that change can be enacted without the use of violent force.

They are also members of organizations like No One Is Illegal (NoII), AW@L and the International Bolshevik & Marxist Tendencies. These organizations are everything Canada doesn’t want to be. Not only do their members promote the use of physical violence- but they are vicious obedience cults who conduct social violence to people inside and out of their membership.

The reality is that these people consist of only 10%-15% of the NDP’s membership- yet, for some reason, prominent members of your party keep pandering to them, despite their violent ways. People like Don Davies who marches along with NoII, promoting their cause through his Twitter account. Or Libby Davies, attending silently in the audience as NoII’s Harsha Walia uses a man’s gender and race to publicly berate a man’s view on the need to be peaceful.

Meanwhile, undecided voters (who appear to make-up the majority in our country) are so turned-off by this radicalism that they couldn’t imagine voting for, or supporting, the NDP. The majority of Canadians can support evolution, not revolution.

It is time for your party to stand-up against these thugs and show Canadians that the majority of your party won’t support this violent & radical fringe. True, you may lose some of your members- but, that is good for all of us- and, eventually, you will see that your party will grow.

So, do you have the courage to do this? Or, is the NDP to be relegated to the scrap-heap like the Waffle

-Greg Renouf

5 responses to “An Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair

  1. lol you are asking the government if they will cast their shills adrift? It’s worth a try though I doubt that it will ever change anything. People are so unaware of the shitstorm that is building up in this country and it’s unfortunately more than likely that the government will use violence to push their change. Doesn’t matter what party is in power they are all in bed with the same masters, and those masters are NOT YOU, THE PEOPLE.

  2. I think that Thomas Mulcair should be regarded as a hero of democracy in Canada. I say this not as a member of the NDP – since I am not a member of that party. I feel that Mr. Mulcair has been trashed very cavalierly by such people as Rex Murphy of CBC over the past couple of weeks for absolutely no good reason.

    Mr. Mulcair has been advocating for full cost accounting of the tar sands. This is not being “against” the western provinces. This is acting to support careful stewardship of our biosphere – and bitumen that does not only belong to this generation. I feel that people who are members of all parties including the Conservative Party – need to express solidarity with what Mr. Mulcair has been putting on the national priority list.

    As for suggesting that Steelworkers is part of a radical violence-promoting socialist faction – this is not reflected in Steelworkers’ joining with the Mondragon Co-operative to build the social economy in North America. Look at how they are developing worker owned businesses starting in Pittsburgh. Everyone who believes in economic democracy can support the CED Nework and the Social Economy. For further info look at the Social Econmy Hub and the University of Victoria.

    Best regards

    Alan Blanes

    • Hi Alan,

      Sorry I didn’t publish this so quickly- you had included your phone number, and I wasn’t sure you wanted that published. Unfortunately, I was unable to edit that from my phone, so it got lost in the mix…

      I applaud Mulcair for his balanced, yet, determined look into the tar sands. That said, I have to wonder why he says so little about the asbestos mining in Quebec. After all, aren’t both equally disturbing to environmentalists? I sense a bit of political hypocrisy here…

      As for the steelworkers, you are incorrect. First, in Toronto, the words ‘radicalism’ and ‘Steelworkers’ are tightly joined at the hip. Carolyn Egan is a revolutionary Marxist- and it is hard to find a Marxist group that doesn’t work out of the Steelworker’s hall. That said, you can sometimes find Marxists at Judy Rebick’s Ryerson university when the Steelworker’s hall is booked.

      And, wasn’t it the head of the US Steelworkers who let Harsha Walia’s gang behind the gate during the WTO in Seattle? It seems to me the only thing they need to be a deeper colour of red would be Warren Beatty & Dianne Keaton!


  3. Thanks for the link Greg – I read the item against President Leo Gerard – as a member of Steelworkers, I have never heard or read any statements from the leadership of this union suggesting Communist allegiance. I am finding the ease with which some people seek to link defending the rights of labour with automatic citing of “communism” to be utterly careless. Consider the transcript of the following exchange between CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien and notorious Teabag Congressman Allen West – where he very slimely attempts to characterize progressivism with communism:

    “So name names for me,” O’Brien said. “Start naming the 78 to 81…”

    “Oh, we don’t have to…” West countered.

    “Oh, we do! I’m dying to know,” O’Brien pressed. “Which are the members of the…”

    “You can go look up the progressive caucus…” interrupted West.

    “I got ‘em right here!” O’Brien interjected — and seemingly out of thin air pulled out a list of the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    “When then you’ve got the names,” West said.

    “So Keith Ellison is a communist?” asked O’Brien. “Raúl Grijalva is a communist?”

    “Well, look, I’m just talking about the fact that the ideology and principles — you can call it whatever you want…”

    “Tammy Baldwin is a communist? Judy Chu is a communist?” O’Brien continued.

    “You can call it whatever you want,” West replied.

    “Yeah, but I want to know what you’re calling it,” O’Brien said.

    “I’m calling it this,” West clarified. “Communist, progressive, Marxist, statist, another term being used. I’m looking at things they believe in. If you don’t think we have to stand upon truth and be able to identify and clearly contrast the different principles and values and ideologies of governance here in this country, then we’re never going to get to the fact of accepting the true debate happening in America. We don’t need a bureaucratic nanny state. We need to stay a Constitutional Republic. I think a lot of people need to study that and understand what it is.”

    The above transcript makes me wonder why some rightist shills feel that everyone who happens to notice that there is an attempt by certain vulture private equity oligarchs to further alienate labour from the value of their services to the economy – should automatically be accused of coming to this observation due to the Marxist critique? Is it only Marx who felt that labour should be held up as the primary factor in the economic transaction? What about the Pope’s Encyclical on the Value of Labour?

    Canadians need to get much more serious in standing up to the manipulations of a discredited concept of entrepreneurial prerogatives. The case this week of the American poultry processing industry wanting to implement a speeding up of the processing conveyor belts – should be utterly rejected in the interests of public health and safety. I would urge all Canadians to ask Parliament to ban the import of American processed poultry that is manufactured under such conditions. We need to ensure that working conditions are humane and controlled by a consensus agreement between workers and management.

    • Hi Alan,

      Not sure how to respond to all of this other than to point out how I learned about the Steelworker’s deep involvement with Communist,Marxist & Trotskyist movements. First, through the head of the chapter here in Toronto- Carolyn Egan. She is on the board of directors of the International Socialists, and a writer for Socialist Worker magazine:

      There’s plenty of other evidence out there connecting the Steelworker’s to the Communist/Marxist/Trotskyist crowd- I’d give you more links, but then I may as well write an article on this. It is strange how you made a generalization out of a very specific statement I made….