Montreal Students Conform To Bill 78!

One of the provisions of Bill 78 is that demonstrators must present a planned route to the city eight hours prior to any marches. The students in Montreal have come up with an innovative answer to that…

10 responses to “Montreal Students Conform To Bill 78!

  1. bonnibrai

    I suppose if you’re OK with making fun of people with missing fingers . In my opinion it is not brilliant nor is it work and certainly nothing to be proud of.

    • I don’t think this is about missing fingers, more about giving the authorities the bird. Definitely not a way to endear the masses to their side…

  2. bonnibrai

    Sorry Greg .Once again I must apologise .Sorry for missing the(sarc) I have elderly family members in Montreal that I am worried about and hate to see anything that empowers these protesters.I follow your blog with interest and actually should have seen where you were coming from .Once again keep up the good work.TNX

    • To be fair, I added the sarcasm remark after you posted. You made it clear I was unclear. lol

      I used to live in Montreal, on Ave du Parc Lafountain (one of the roads they have marched down). It makes me shudder to think of the interruption to my old neighbour’s lives. Not fair.

      It is also not fair how they are killing the height of the tourist season. Many people will lose wages and/or jobs out of this. With less Americans travelling to Canada because of dollar parity, this is just one more blow to a lot of unfortunate people.

      So, nothing to be proud of at all…

  3. bonnibrai

    Yes Montreal is my home town but I’ve been living in Toronto for a long time .You are correct about the economic impact on the city so far.The grand Prix is coming up on the 8th of June and brings millions of dollars into the city not to mention the Jazz fest and ‘Just for laughs” You may enjoy this Greg 🙂

    • Interesting article, particularly the part about Dawson (I’ve taught there). Seems like the people trying to bring this to Toronto are misrepresenting the truth…

  4. bonnibrai

    Small world indeed.