NGO’s, Politics and the Demise of the Grass Roots Revolution

Heather Martin puts all of the pieces together brilliantly in this article- documenting her experiences in Saskatchewan watching the NDP, Green Party, Sierra Club and Polaris Institute co-opting movements in her province. To add to her story, Toronto activistocrat Taylor Flook was with Jeh Custera when they invaded Parliament. The connection she makes with Kevin Annett’s family’s Western Canada Water and the Council of Canadian’s protests answers a lot of questions I’ve been pondering.

I don’t normally re-blog people’s articles- but, this one is a must read!


by Heather Martin

Aug 14, 2013

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“This is an age of discouraged revolutionaries” – Alex Comfort (from Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State, 1950)

I have become, as Alex Comfort states, a discouraged revolutionary. This is as a result of my discovery that the grass-roots movements I had put my hopes into have been co-opted by political parties and NGO’s alike. The revolution, and I propose, the social evolution of humanity, has been co-opted by special interest groups masquerading as “hope and change”…”love and light”… all the while working towards chaos, darkness and oppression. I have become discouraged, because like most people involved in grass-roots movements I have a heart that hopes for a better world, but have eyes that have seen forces working towards their own endpoints, using US to do it.

In the past couple of years I’ve participated in rallies such as those protesting Bill C-38…

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