Your Humble Narrator

Speaking during the opening hour of Occupy Vancouver on October 15th.                      (my hair is a lot shorter now…)

Technologist, hacker, social engineer, ethicist, newly christened activist who was involved in the Canadian Occupy Movement from the start. Changing the world from inside & out. Non-partisan evaluator of the political sphere- evaluating current events and leaders from a humanist perspective.

I began my work in technology as a child when I had my first computer in 1979. I was a hacker in my early years- causing trouble for telecom companies in a quest to learn everything I could about the system. My interest in activism began back then when I campaigned against the monopoly powers of the major telecom carriers.

I’ve worked most of my life in the corporate world as a management consultant for ‘big 5’ accounting/consulting firms including Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Accenture. My work includes being an architect for the technology behind the City of London’s Congestion Charging System, leading the implementation of global voice & data networks for telecom carriers, and leading one of the first large-scale implementations of the Asterisk Open Source telephony platform.

Growing-up as an ‘airline brat’ I was privileged with the opportunity to have travelled to countries around the world in my childhood. Since then, I’ve visited 73 countries for both business & pleasure- I’ve also lived in the UK, Canada, US, Hungary, Russia and the Netherlands.

My undergraduate degrees are in Computer Science, Marketing & Philosophy (with a minor in Journalism). And I received my Masters degree in Philosophy focussing on Ethics.

I’m neither left nor right- as an ethicist, I try look at the world by what is right and wrong. I don’t believe in the concept of political parties- politicians should represent their constituents, not party politics.

If you have questions, tips or comments, please write me at: grenouf(at) All email communications will be guaranteed confidential unless you give me specific permission to publish.

Solidarity Oh Ye Brothers & Sisters! (joking)


Deep in the middle of the Black Bloc during an march against police violence…

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