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Are Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Cops?


Occupy Toronto Re-Occupies Osgoode Hall!

I was at the Grange Park on Sunday evening talking with the homeless occupiers about their plans to move- as posted on the above eviction notice, they had to move-out the next day. The told my they were planning to re-occupy the space they were at in January & February- behind Osgoode Hall.

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Alex Hundert Forsakes Homeless Occupiers!

Alex, despite his court order not to go to activist events, magically appeared at the eviction today. He’s been stalking me since October- first online, and now this is the third time he has appeared to interfere with me. I applaud his braveness for showing-up, but am seriously disappointed by his lack of will to make a simple phone call..

It was a simple request, one I never thought Alex would deny. All I asked of him was to use his contacts to get someone from the media to come and document the illegal eviction of homeless occupiers who moved to behind Osgoode Hall yesterday. Alex was accompanied by his sidekick, and fellow member of the Black Bloc, Jessica Enyar (why couldn’t she have called the media for Alex?)

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