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An Interesting Video…

Sarah, didn’t you get the message the press has been screaming at us? Your anger was not endearing. And, personally, I’d hold back on comments like ‘people handed hundred’s to me’ at the VAG…

What did I do to celebrate a successful #OccupyHarper? Just Dance!

Last night a friend invited me out to a unique experience- one that will be forever part of my life now. We went to Just Dance! Here’s an outline if what its all about from their website:

“Just Dance is a positive party community event. It offers a unique opportunity to dance to an eclectic selection of music from around the world. Held twice a month (three times if you include Just Dance Journeys), Just Dance can be described as a refreshing alternative to the bar and club scene. It is a place where you are free to be yourself, connect with a vibrant community and dance the way you want!

Just Dance is also a non-profit organization and has donated thousands of dollars to local charities over the last 19 years.”

I cannot recommend this event more highly- it was a beautiful experience. And, as someone who is not the most confident dancing at clubs- I felt 110% comfortable being myself last night!  Hope to see you there next weekend!