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Harsha Walia’s Gonna Get It! (Bob Ages Too!)

Ben Pearson (in one of the best Occupy Vancouver pictures ever!)

UPDATE: This article includes some inaccuracies, please refer to the comments section for updated information

I’ve written about this issue a few times now, and posted the (very popular) video of Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild! It all started after Ben Pearson began to ask questions about OV finances. Ben’s a brave man, and I commend his tenacity in keeping-up the good fight here….

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A Great Video From The May Day March (with special guest- me!)

Someone just posted a link to this video on Facebook, thought I would share. Amongst some great interviews with Lawrence McCurry, Jon Allen, Derrick Soberal, Officer Bubbles, The Scary Lady Cop & Dan Dix– you will also find your’s truly! (starting at around 27 minutes)

Though you may be tempted to fast-forward to the best part (starting at around 27 minutes, lol), I recommend watching through the whole show. It gives a great sense of how the day went, and a many alternative opinions you won’t hear from hacks like the Media Co-Op & Rabble

Story Of The Robocall Rallies, Palestine House, JDL, International Socialists, Judy Rebick And A Cryptic Coptic!

Jon Allen speaking from the bed of the 'Palestine House' truck..

I didn’t think much about it when Jon Allan mentioned he had a friend from the Palestinian community who would be helping us plan and marshal our parade route. Jon said he was an expert at setting-up rallies, and it was good to know we’d have someone experienced to help make the first rally possible.

When he came to our second planning meeting this man was, indeed, a wealth of knowledge. He was able to help us with the details- things like we shouldn’t plan a parade route that makes a left-turn, as that would block traffic and the city would be unlikely to give approval. We were on the right track, and things were looking good…

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Dave Vasey Has Deep Respect For Violent Men…

This man is dangerous...

The more I learn about Dave Vasey the more disturbed I am that this man is accepted by his community as a leader. Besides his bullying and attacking people’s family members (standard activities for an International Socialist), Dave’s support of violence should cause call Canadians a deep sense of distress…

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Dear Occupy Toronto- who are you trying to attract here?

I’m confused- isn’t AIM the American Indian Movement? Regardless, who is the intended audience for this image? What is the intended outcome?

Will it be a good one or a bad one?


An Open Letter to Occupy Toronto!


Dear Occupy Toronto!

I challenge anyone to produce evidence of me doing something 10% as offensive as what happened to Celina. If you can’t, you must exile Curtis OfThe Nixon-Family from Occupy for as long as I am…

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The People of Occupy Vancouver are Waking Up!

If you ever wondered about what is going on at Occupy Vancouver these days- I believe that this posting on the Occupy Vancouver! Facebook page says it all…

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