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Occupy Montreal Gone Wild!

Picture of one of the smoke bombs in the Montreal Metro…

Here’s an interesting video of a demonstration yesterday by Occupy Montreal. They were gathering in ‘jail solidarity’ for their members who were arrested for throwing smoke bombs into the Metro. This is interesting on a couple of levels…

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Arnie Gundersen Discusses The Fatal Risks Of Fukushima Fuel Pools

Here’s Arnie Gundersen’s most recent video where he discusses the dangers of the fuel pools at Fukushima. Basically, if there is an earthquake as low as a magnitude 5, there is a good chance that the structure of the Fukushima pools could collapse…

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Open Letter To Irwin Oostinde About Homophobia, Charitable Status & Mental Health Stigmatization!

Is this man a hypocrite?

I got some rather unsavoury hate-mail from Irwin Oostinde’s W2 Media Centre today- and I think it says a lot about his organization. Yes, it did address some of the questions I asked in my article about W2. That said, it raised a whole lot more of them. Have a look at what they had to say- my letter to Irwin comes after the screenshot…

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Does Irwin Oostinde Run S&M Sex Parties At The W2 Media Centre? (Kid’s Camps Too!)

Irwin Oostinde, helping the poor, or helping himself?

One of the more interesting things about the W2 Media Centre is the imbalance between events focussed on media, and the number of parties and social events.  Have a look at this screenshot from the events calendar on their website: Continue reading

This Is What The Black Bloc Looks Like! (American Style)

The massive fail award this week goes to Occupy San Francisco. In this case of ultimate stupidity a Black Bloc genius decides it is a good idea to throw a brick from the top of the roof of a building they were trying to squat. Not such a good idea after all- he ended up hitting a fellow occupier on the head!

When will they ever learn…

My Response To Kevin Annett About The Bones (and a few more issues)

Is this man telling the truth?


Yes, it was presumptuous of me to call you a psychopath- I have no medical evidence of this. That said, much of your writing appears to follow the traits of a psychopath. Or, at least someone who is deeply disturbed, self-serving and a bit of a megalomaniac…

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Action Plan: Help Us Stop Kevin Annett’s Fraud!

After three articles, and a very long debate, Kevin Annett’s credibility is no longer. He has been uncovered for lying, changing his story multiple times, and his rather dodgy charitable collections to a trailer park in Florida…

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