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How Do You Double DTES Rental Profits? Rent Your Space To INSITE/ONSITE!

INSITE/ONSITE Clinic In Vancouver

I’ll start this article with a disclosure. First, I am 110% behind the concept of supervised injections sights. Having lived in London & Amsterdam where they have been successfully doing this for years, I can see the benefits of the concept. That said, after a personal experience, I am far from impressed with INSITE- and services in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) are a comparatively a gong show…

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Naomi Klein Fights For The Needs Of Vancouver’s DTES Drug Dealers & Poverty Pimps!

Naomi Klein speaking beside Harsha Walia at the rally

One of the more interesting events I attended in Vancouver was the Occupy Condos event led by Harsha Walia. I have, for months, been quite confused by this event. It was only recently what it has begun to make sense to me…

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A Discussion on the Influence of George Soros & The TIDES Foundation

Picture I took of the entrance of Hollyhock during my stay there in January

I got into a heated debate with an ally of Dave Vasey and Taylor Chelsea today on the “Occupy Is An Inside Job” page on Facebook. It began with the usual slander and hate- I’ll leave that part out right now as it has been resolved, and I’m sure you don’t need to see any more of that right now…

But, I will share the discussion we had on how Canadian movements are funded by George Soros and the TIDES Foundation. It really says more than I could by simply writing an article. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Black Block Infiltrated On Canadian TV “POLICE BUSTED”

We Are Change Portland also have some questions about who started the Stanley Cup Riot. Some of the comments are quite interesting- particularly this one:

“The Black Flock are creating excuses for unlawful violence to be used by public servants against peaceful people. Of course they aren’t all cops, some of them are mentally challenged fashion victims imitating cops.”

Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place (Dare you walk down her path?)

The path to the edge of a cliff. (Taken at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC)

I had a chance meeting with someone on the ferry a couple of days ago. He was friends with Ashlee, the girl who tragically died at Occupy Vancouver. He confirmed his belief that the incident was not connected to Occupy- but part of her personal experience. I could see how he was touched by her memory, and how avoidable it could have been…

The previous day I tried to warn the VFD, Mayor Gregor Robertson, and INSITE– they all ignored my pleas for help. I just ran across the blog entry of someone who watched my messages on Twitter. Even from afar, she could see something was significantly wrong…

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Are Black Bloc Tactics Terrorism?

Are terrorists marching through downtown Vancouver?

I’ve been doing some reading on the history of the Black Bloc the past few days- fascinating stuff. And, each day, it becomes more apparent that the Black Bloc is a serious menace for more cities than Vancouver. This menace is going Global, fast- will write more about this in the future…

For today, I want to only propose a question for everyone: Are Black Bloc tactics quantifiable as Terrorism?

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CoV Provides Just Under $1 million of Overtime Bonuses!

I’ll always remember the first day of Occupy Vancouver, and how impressed I was with the city’s level of preparedness. They grounds were cleaned-up, there were professionally made signs warning people not to use tent pegs, and there was steel fencing installed over a what I think was a stairwell- protecting people from falling into it.

The fencing Gregor may have approved of "just to make someone happy...". Or, for insurance... Notice the man carrying the barrel- the pic was lifted from CTV's website, it appears that CTV threw a #SacredProvocation at us!

I met one of the senior members of the Engineering department that day- the same man who later told me how the city believes Occupy Vancouver was co-opted by a potentially dangerous group of people. I congratulated him for having the foresight to install the fencing- assuming it was to keep us safe. His response was “I’ve been wanting to do that one for a while now!”

One thing I really noticed at OV is how happy and friendly the city staff were with us. I expected them to be unhappy that they were being distracted from their daily grinds- it didn’t make any sense until this evening when I read an article in the Vancouver Sun that discusses a ‘leaked’ memorandum from Penny Ballem and Sadhu Johnston about the CoV’s costs that were related to OV.

VPD: $590,000
Engineering: $345,878
Emergency Management: $28,494
Fire and Rescue Services: $16,730 
Total: $981,102 

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