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NGO’s, Politics and the Demise of the Grass Roots Revolution

Heather Martin puts all of the pieces together brilliantly in this article- documenting her experiences in Saskatchewan watching the NDP, Green Party, Sierra Club and Polaris Institute co-opting movements in her province. To add to her story, Toronto activistocrat Taylor Flook was with Jeh Custera when they invaded Parliament. The connection she makes with Kevin Annett’s family’s Western Canada Water and the Council of Canadian’s protests answers a lot of questions I’ve been pondering.

I don’t normally re-blog people’s articles- but, this one is a must read!


by Heather Martin

Aug 14, 2013

Picture 14

“This is an age of discouraged revolutionaries” – Alex Comfort (from Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State, 1950)

I have become, as Alex Comfort states, a discouraged revolutionary. This is as a result of my discovery that the grass-roots movements I had put my hopes into have been co-opted by political parties and NGO’s alike. The revolution, and I propose, the social evolution of humanity, has been co-opted by special interest groups masquerading as “hope and change”…”love and light”… all the while working towards chaos, darkness and oppression. I have become discouraged, because like most people involved in grass-roots movements I have a heart that hopes for a better world, but have eyes that have seen forces working towards their own endpoints, using US to do it.

In the past couple of years I’ve participated in rallies such as those protesting Bill C-38…

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This Is My Old Site…

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Jason Bowman Is a fraud…

Report From Tonight’s Casseroles March At Toronto’s George Brown College!

I like George Brown college. I lectured there about the Occupy movement a couple of months ago- the students were smart, inquisitive, and turned on to the issues of social activism. So, when I heard they were having their first Caserolle March, I ran out of the house to cover tonight’s event!

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Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users (VANDU)- Your Tax Dollars At Work!

Blocking traffic on the Cambie St Bridge today…

There’s a march going on right now in Vancouver. Just a few minutes ago VANDU was blocking traffic on the Cambie Street Bridge, carrying a banner saying ‘Homes Not Jails’…

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Professor Anthony James Hall: The Truther With An Aversion To Truth!

Anthony James Hall in his funky sport jacket- The Don Cherry of the truther set

One of the people connected to the Occupy movement who confuses me more than others is Anthony James Hall– a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Besides dressing like the Don Cherry of the truther movement, he is also a man who loves to throw hate at people on Occupy Facebook pages.

He confuses me because, being someone who relentlessly pursues the truth, I usually get along quite well with truthers. Of course, I base this on the assumption that Professor Hall is actually seeking truth…

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Indigenous Racism And The June 21st Uprising…

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Last week I had the (dis)honour of having one of my articles republished by one of the most radical & racist websites I’ve run across. It warmed my heart to see how they labelled me as ‘a somewhat infamous White participant in the #Occupy Movement in Kanada’. That said, they should have done their research, I quit the Occupy movement a couple of months ago– tired of the focus on political correctness over making change…

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A must-read article from UndercoverKitty on the Canadian Federation of Students standing on Quebec’s Bill 78…

Report From The Toronto Casseroles March Tonight!

Casseroles marchers gathering at Dufferin Grove Park

Today was the first Casseroles march in Toronto. It began only a few blocks down the road from my house, at Dufferin Grove Park- so, despite being a little under the weather, I decided to make the march down there to take a look…

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This Is What Trotskyists Look Like!

I joined the Marxism mailing list a few months ago after I found out how Macdonald Stainsby is quite active on there- it was one of my first clues about the type of people we are dealing with here. It is an interesting group where you’ll find a lot of hard-core unionists like Sid Shniad.

Anyhow, thought y’all may enjoy this clipping where one of their members decided to share some of Trotsky’s ‘wisdom’ with us…

The BCGEU May Not Only Be Full Of Shit…

Did the BCGEU do this?

Did the BCGEU put a new meaning to the concept of the flying squad on Thursday?

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An Open Letter To The CEO Of Toronto Hydro

Anthony Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro…

Dear Mr Haines,

I was walking home today when I saw a couple of highly disturbing billboards in front of my local supermarket. Some people may see them as witty- that said, many people will not…

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How Do You Double DTES Rental Profits? Rent Your Space To INSITE/ONSITE!

INSITE/ONSITE Clinic In Vancouver

I’ll start this article with a disclosure. First, I am 110% behind the concept of supervised injections sights. Having lived in London & Amsterdam where they have been successfully doing this for years, I can see the benefits of the concept. That said, after a personal experience, I am far from impressed with INSITE- and services in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) are a comparatively a gong show…

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Occupy Toronto’s Anarchist Brandon Gray And His Chequered Past!

Ashleigh Ingle & Brandon Gray

I’ve been sitting on this story since March, as I didn’t have enough evidence to make a conclusive connection. Despite the attacks of those who don’t like what I am writing (I’m talking about you Sakura Saunders), I do try my best to get the facts straight before I publish…

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Updated: Harper Exposed! (That’s A Rather Small Dot Don’t You Think?)

Artist Maggie Sutherland has released a controversial new painting of our fearless Prime Minister. I wonder what the dog is thinking?

Now without the dot!

I’ve Finally Dumped Rogers Wireless! (And how to convert your Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 for Wind Mobile)

You may remember I wrote about dumping Rogers a while ago. Well, they did fix my problem after a lot of pain- that said, their cost is still out of this world. So, I took the jump and finally dumped them for Wind!

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Does Irwin Oostinde Run S&M Sex Parties At The W2 Media Centre? (Kid’s Camps Too!)

Irwin Oostinde, helping the poor, or helping himself?

One of the more interesting things about the W2 Media Centre is the imbalance between events focussed on media, and the number of parties and social events.  Have a look at this screenshot from the events calendar on their website: Continue reading


If An Twelve Year Old Can Get It, Why Can’t The Occupy Movement?

Come on Occupiers! Let’s quit talking about identity and safe-space politics and start talking about what founded our movement! Once we fix the government and the bankers, the rest will come with it…

Something Funny A Fellow Occupier Made For Me Today…

Macdonald Stainsby & Harsha Walia Called “Lowlights” Of The 2010 Olympics!

Mac Stainsby- NDP Hitman & Pie Thrower…

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote an interesting article after the Olympics outlining the highlights & lowlights of the 2010 games. And, of course, one of the Lowlights was given to Macdonald Stainsby’s & Harsha Walia’s shameful Black Bloc Incident…

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